Who Will We See In The Spring League’s 2021 Championship?

Who Will We See In The Spring League’s 2021 Championship?

With four of the six weeks down in The Spring League’s 2021 season, we now have a relatively clear picture as to who can still make the championship game, and who cannot.

Some teams have been inconsistent, others have been dominant, and others have struggled mightily. While it is not set in stone as to who will actually make the Championship, we can look at the last four weeks as a benchmark for our predictions.

North Division Candidates

In the North Division, we have the Alphas, Aviators, Conquerors, and Linemen. The only team officially eliminated at this point is the Aviators, who have failed to win one game all season.

Unfortunately for Terry Shea, his team has been a mess. Offensively, they have hardly produced whatsoever, and their defense has also seen it’s struggles. With the Aviators sitting at 0-4, their championship aspirations are long gone.

However, the north division is certainly up for grabs. The Alphas and Linemen are both 3-1, while the Conquerors are still in striking distance at 2-2.

Jerry Glanville’s Conquerors have their work cut out for them, as they would have to win out, and also win some tiebreakers to finish on top.

The Linemen and the Alphas both would need to win their remaining two games to secure the #1 seed. In fact, both teams play each other in week six, which may end up deciding who takes the division.

South Division Candidates

In the South Division, we have the Blues, Generals, Jousters, and Sea Lions. Similar to the north, it is going to come down to the final week to ultimately determine who makes it to the Championship.

The only team that looks to be out of championship contention is the Sea Lions, as they are 1-3, losing a tough one to the Blues this past Saturday.

As of right now, the Jousters have sole possession of the #1 seed, as they have won three in a row, coming off an impressive victory of the Generals. If they keep playing complete football, they should be able to win the division.

However, the Generals and Blues are both 2-2, and have an opportunity to make a division title run during these final two weeks. If one of them wins out, and the Jousters lose a game, then it will make the south division’s finale quite interesting.

What Matchup Is Most Likely?

If we are being completely honest here, two teams look more like Championship material than any other squads, and those would be the Jousters and Linemen.

Both teams have won three games in a row, and do hold the #1 seed in their respective divisions. Yes, the Alphas are also 3-1 in the North Division, but the Linemen already beat them in week three. If the Linemen can also defeat them in week six, then the division will be theirs.

On the other hand, the Jousters do not have much competition. They destroyed the Blues in week two, and handled the Sea Lions easily in week three. Considering they also just beat the Generals, things are looking pretty good for Kevin Gilbride’s team as we approach the Championship.


At the end of the day, we will have to wait and see who will actually make it to the Championship game. It has been a fun season so far, and we expect the intensity to only increase as the final two weeks hit.

Who do you think will make it to the Championship game? Are you enjoying The Spring League’s 2021 season? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!