Week 2 Fantasy Rankings & DFS Cheat Sheets from A&A Fantasy Football

Week 2 Fantasy Rankings & DFS Cheat Sheets from A&A Fantasy Football

In this article, I am releasing my position-by-position rankings for Week 2 of the XFL season. These rankings are not taking DFS salaries into account, this is generally just for season-long leagues. For DFS content, look below for our Cheat Sheets and top plays of the week.

NOTE:  These could vary a bit depending on injuries later in the week (i.e. Josh Johnson), but follow @aafantasyball on Twitter for all rankings updates leading up to game time.

L. Jones M. Jones Spruce Truesdell Dragons
Walker Pressley Ross Lee Defenders
Ta’amu D. Smith McKay Powell Vipers
C. Jones J. Butler Badet Parham Roughnecks
McGloin Hood Rogers Lucas Battlehawks
Silvers Farrow Coates Rodriguez Guardians
Murray/Flowers Dunbar Proehl Barnes Renegades
Kanoff Victor D. Williams Price Wildcats
Pumphrey Phillips
Artis-Payne Pierson-El
Gardner J. Horn
Patrick Lewis
Cook Reynolds
Michael Smallwood
Williams Russell


DraftKings DFS Cheat Sheets:

Dream Team: Top plays regardless of budgetary values, just the best lineup I could make.

Team of the Week: This is who I will be rolling with this week, compiled with a DraftKings budget of $50,000.


Position Dream Team Cost My Team of the Week Cost Great Pivot Options Cost
QB L. Jones $9,500 J. Ta’amu $8,900 J. Ta’amu $8,900
RB J. Pressley $7,000 J. Pressley $7,000 D. Victor $4,100
WR N. Spruce $10,400 D. Williams $7,600 J. Horn $3,400
WR R. Ross $9,900 N. Spruce $10,400 D. Byrd $3,800
FLEX S. Coates $9,500 D. Victor $4,100 F. Nagel $5,200
FLEX A. Proehl $9,200 J. Badet $8,700 N. Truesdell $6,700
DEF Defenders $4,400 Dragons $3,000 Dragons $3,000

Landry Jones | Dallas RenegadesDFS Play of the Week: Landry Jones $9,500

After practicing in full on Wednesday, it looked like Jones will be good to go for Sunday in LA. Jones is an absolute bargain at his DraftKings price of $9,500, and shouldn’t be the consensus popular play with PJ Walker taking the league by storm. Last week, LA’s defense was absolutely torched by the Roughnecks, and in the days following, they have fired their Defensive Coordinator Pepper Johnson and released their defensive captain, Anthony Johnson. This team is currently in disarray, and after the Renegades embarrassing offensive performance against the Battlehawks, I’m sure that Renegades Offensive Coordinator Hal Mumme will have a few tricks up his sleeve in an early must-win divisional game. All of this should result in the perfect storm for Landry Jones to be the top QB in fantasy this week, especially with him being the 3rd lowest price for a starting quarterback.

Jordan Ta’amu (QB) - St. Louis BattleHawksPivot of the Week: Jordan Ta’amu $8,900

While I love the Jones play this week, I also love the salary saving pivot of Jordan Ta’amu. His start percentage will be pretty low, however I think this doubt is misplaced. Despite being dominated last week, Charles Kanoff still posted good fantasy numbers against the Roughnecks defense, and I think Ta’amu can easily do the same. Now, the Battlehawks are 10 point underdogs, meaning they could be playing from behind most of the game. Which could result in a lot of soft coverage from the Roughnecks, making for lots of easy throws for Ta’amu to rack up yards, as well as lots of scramble opportunities. If they get behind early due to the Roughnecks high-powered offense, they won’t be able to run the ball 42 times like last week. Remember, garbage time matters just as much in fantasy as any other situation. Expect a heavy dose of Ta’amu in this one, making him a solid away-from-the-public play.

Joe Horn | New York GuardiansValue of the Week: Joe Horn $3,400

When examining the DraftKings prices this week, I couldn’t believe how low they are valuing Joe Horn Jr. The son of the former Saints legend led the Guardians in targets last week with 8, and while he only caught two, he looked to have clear chemistry with QB Matt McGloin. With DC’s star CB Elijah Campbell expected to lockdown lead receiver Mekale McKay, Horn could easily see a heavy dose of McGloin passes. Don’t forget what Austin Proehl was able to do last week when Campbell was locked onto his teammates. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe Horn be a huge money winner for those who take the risk to play such a low-priced player.