USFL Week 4: Fantasy Football Rankings

USFL Week 4: Fantasy Football Rankings

Howdy, y’all! It’s your favorite small-town Texas duo, Bubba and Dusty, comin’ at ya with some Week 4 USFL fantasy rankings. Now, we reckon it’s high time we tip our hats to them New Orleans Breakers, who’ve been hotter than a Texas summer and dominatin’ like a stampede of longhorns!

First up, we got McLeod “The Gunslinger” Bethel-Thompson, who’s been tossin’ that pigskin like there’s no tomorrow, racking up the most passin’ yards in the league with 837. This fella’s arm is like a cannon, and he’s been firin’ on all cylinders!

Next up, we got Wes “The Wreckin’ Ball” Hills, who’s been bulldozin’ his way through defenses and toppin’ the charts with the most rushin’ yards at 301. But wait, there’s more! This powerhouse is also leadin’ the league with 6 rushin’ TDs, makin’ him one heck of a fantasy pick.

Now, you can’t have a dominant team without a top-notch receiver, and that’s where Sage “The Soaring Eagle” Surratt comes in. He’s been haulin’ in them passes and leadin’ the league in receivin’ yards with 257. Sure, he might not have the most receivin’ TDs, but ol’ Sage sure knows how to fly down the field.

Last, but certainly not least, we got that Magical Mullett Boy, Matt Coghlin, who’s been puttin’ the “special” in special teams with a league-leadin’ 33 points. With that majestic mullett, this young kicker’s been kickin’ ’em high, far, and right through them uprights.

The New Orleans Breakers are the real deal, and we reckon they’ll keep on rollin’ into Week 4. Remember, it’s all about havin’ fun and keepin’ it light. Kick back with a brew and read on!

Quarterback Rankings (By Bubba)

McLeod Bethel-Thompson moving all his chips on a pretty bizarre hand with the USFL

Howdy there, y’all! It’s me, Bubba, again, and I’m back with some trusty fantasy QB picks for Week 4. Now, I know them Breakers have been dominatin’ the fantasy world for the past three weeks, but I reckon it’s time to take a closer look at the other fellas throwin’ that ol’ pigskin. So, let’s round up them quarterbacks and see who’s gonna lead us to victory!

Sittin’ pretty at the top of the list is none other than McLeod Bethel-Thompson (NO). He’s been slingin’ that football like a true gunslinger and rackin’ up them points like a dang pinball machine. With the Breakers on fire, I reckon he’s gonna keep lightin’ up the scoreboard.

Next up, we got Alex McGough (BHAM). This young fella’s been holdin’ his own and puttin’ up some impressive numbers. With a good matchup ahead, I’d say he’s poised to have a strong performance this week.

Comin’ in at number three, we got Case Cookus (PHI). Now, this fella’s been spreadin’ the ball around like butter on a hot biscuit, makin’ his receivers happy and fantasy owners even happier. Keep your eyes peeled for Cookus to have another solid week.

At number four, we got De’Andre Johnson (NJ). He’s been showin’ off his arm and his legs, makin’ plays and scorin’ points. With a favorable matchup, I reckon Johnson’s a safe bet to keep the good times rollin’.

Movin’ further down, we got Kenji Bahar (HOU) sittin’ at number five. He’s been a little hit-or-miss, but with a decent matchup, I’d say he’s worth a look if you’re in need of a quarterback this week.

  1. McLeod Bethel-Thompson (NO)
  2. Alex McGough (BHAM)
  3. Case Cookus (PHI)
  4. De’Andre Johnson (NJ)
  5. Kenji Bahar (HOU)
  6. Josh Love (MICH)
  7. Cole Kelley (MEM)
  8. Troy Williams (PIT)

Running Back Rankings (By Bubba)

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Bubba here’s fixin’ to give y’all some top-notch fantasy RB picks for this here Week 4. So, strap on them boots, grab a cold one, and let’s get to it.

Now, first off, we got Darius Victor (NJ) leadin’ the charge. This fella’s been tearin’ up the field like a bull in a china shop, and I reckon he ain’t slowin’ down anytime soon. Now, I heard y’all loud and clear with that #FeedTrey movement last week, and sure enough, Trey Williams got his first carries of the season! Yeehaw! As for Victor, he’s got a favorable matchup this week, so I’m bettin’ on him to keep them points a-comin’.

Next up, we got our old friend, T.J. Pledger (HOU). This young’un’s been runnin’ like his tail’s on fire and catchin’ passes too. He’s got a good matchup, so I reckon he’ll put on quite the show for us this week.

At number three, we got Reggie Corbin (MICH). Now, this fella’s been steady as a rock, puttin’ up consistent numbers week after week. This week ain’t lookin’ any different, so he’s a safe bet to keep on rollin’.

Movin’ on down the list, we got Wes Hills (NO) at number four. He’s been churnin’ out them yards and touchdowns like a well-oiled machine. Keep an eye on him to make a splash this week.

  1. Darius Victor (NJ)
  2. T.J. Pledger (HOU)
  3. Reggie Corbin (MICH)
  4. Wes Hills (NO)
  5. Stevie Scott III (MICH)
  6. CJ Marable (BHAM)
  7. Alex Collins (MEM)
  8. Madre London (PIT)
  9. Troy Williams (PIT)
  10. Zaquandre White (BHAM)
  11. Mark Thompson (HOU)
  12. Matt Colburn II (PHI)
  13. Garrett Groshek (PIT)
  14. Anthony Jones (NO)

Wide Receiver Rankings (By Dusty)

Corey Coleman - USFL News, Rumors, & Updates | FOX Sports

Howdy, y’all! Dusty the CPA here, and I reckon we got some fancy fantasy WR picks for this week. Now let me crunch them numbers and give y’all the rundown.

First up, we got Corey Coleman. Last week, we had this fella at number 8, but with his hot start and a match-up against the Houston Gamblers, who ain’t the best on defense, I reckon he’s gonna have a mighty big game.

Next in line is Hall, a yardage machine, I tell ya! He should keep on churnin’ them yards this week too. Then we got Devin Gray at number 3, who plays for Philly. Cookus is real good at spreadin’ the love to all his top receivers, so Gray ought to catch plenty this week.

Now, we got Davion Davis up next. Pittsburgh’s defense is tough, but their offense is slower than molasses in January. That means Birmingham’s got the ball a lot, givin’ Davis a heap of chances to haul in them passes.

Movin’ on down the list, for you gamblers lookin’ for a high-risk, high-reward play, Lee Morris at number 7 might be your ticket. Averagin’ near 23 yards a catch, this fella can take any ball he catches straight to the house. Yeehaw!

  1. Corey Coleman (PHI)
  2. Justin Hall (HOU)
  3. Devin Gray (PHI)
  4. Davion Davis (BHAM)
  5. Joe Walker (MIC)
  6. Cameron Echols-Luper (NJ)
  7. Lee Morris (NO)
  8. Trey Quinn (MIC)
  9. Ryan McDaniel (MEM)
  10. Johnnie Dixon (NO)
  11. Diondre Overton (PHI)
  12. Jonathan Adams (NO)
  13. Rashard Davis (MEM)
  14. Anthony Ratliff-Williams (HOU)
  15. Alonzo Moore (NJ)

Tight End Rankings (By Dusty)

USFL Week 3 DraftKings DFS Primer (2023 Fantasy Football) | FantasyPros

Now, let’s talk about them tight ends. I reckon we got ourselves two top dogs here, Surratt and Sternberger. I’m leanin’ more towards Surratt this week, mainly ’cause that New Orleans offense is a real powerhouse, and he’s their go-to guy.

If y’all are lookin’ for some decent alternatives, Bowman and Pederson might just do the trick. Both of ’em are bound to snag a catch or two, but I’d give Bowman a slight advantage, seein’ as the New Jersey and New Orleans game oughta be a real barn burner.

Past that point, well, it’s slim pickin’s, partner. There ain’t many other options that’ll do you much good in the tight end department.

  1. Sage Surratt (NO)
  2. Jace Sternberger (BHAM)
  3. Bradenton Bowman (NJ)
  4. Josh Pederson (HOU)
  5. Marcus Baugh (MIC)
  6. Pro Wells (PHI)
  7. Matt Seybert (PIT)
  8. Jay Jay Wilson (MEM)

D/ST Rankings (By Dusty)

USFL's Michigan Panthers will play at Ford Field in 2023 - Pride Of Detroit

Well, I tell ya what, Michigan sure has been puttin’ up a heck of a defensive show all year long, and they’re up against Memphis this week, a team that ain’t exactly known for lightin’ up the scoreboard. Now, movin’ on, I’d keep my eyes on Birmingham – they’re playin’ Pittsburgh, who’s got the weakest offense in the whole darn league.

Now, I gotta mention my personal favorite defense in the USFL, and that’s them New Jersey fellas. They’re ranked at number 5 this week, and I reckon they’re the best of the bunch. But let me tell ya, I haven’t seen any team that can put the brakes on that high-flyin’ New Orleans offense, so I gotta rank ’em a bit lower than I’d usually like to.

  1. Michigan Panthers
  2. Birmingham Stallions
  3. Philadelphia Stars
  4. Pittsburgh Maulers
  5. New Jersey Generals
  6. New Orleans Breakers
  7. Houston Gamblers
  8. Memphis Showboats

Kicker Rankings (By Bubba)

Matthew Coghlin (@MatthewCoghlin) / Twitter

Howdy, y’all! Bubba here. I reckon I’ve got somethin’ real special for ya today – my Week 4 kicker rankings, comin’ right up. Now, I ain’t no fancy city slicker with them computer gizmos or whatnot, but I done used my noggin and some good ol’ fashioned elbow grease to come up with this list. I took a gander at them kickers’ points, field goals, extra points, and all that, and then mixed in a pinch of defensive match-up know-how.

Now let me tell ya, Matt Coghlin (NO) is sittin’ pretty at the top of the list. That boy sure can kick, and I reckon his mullet’s got somethin’ to do with it. You know what they say, “business in the front, party in the back” – and that’s just how he kicks them field goals, too.

Here’s the rest of the lineup, short and sweet like my Aunt Sally’s peach cobbler:

  1. Matt Coghlin (NO)
  2. Brandon Aubrey (BHAM)
  3. Cole Murphy (MICH)
  4. Nick Sciba (NJ)
  5. Chris Blewitt (PIT)
  6. Nick Vogel (HOU)
  7. Luis Aguilar (PHI)
  8. Brandon Wright (MEM)

How is your USFL fantasy team doing so far? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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