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USFL Week 3: Fantasy Football Rankings

Howdy, folks! Bubba and Dusty here, bringin’ you our USFL fantasy blog for Week 3! We’re fixin’ to have a rip-roarin’ good time as the New Orleans Breakers and Birmingham Stallions gear up for a showdown that’s gonna shake the USFL! Can ol’ McLeod Bethel-Thompson and the Breakers hold up against the Stallions and their tough defense? And what about them Quarterback Rankings? Dusty’s got his eye on Cookus and McGough, while Bubba’s wide receiver rankings have Justin Hall at the top of the heap!

Now, we ain’t just talkin’ quarterbacks and wide receivers here – Dusty’s got the scoop on the runnin’ backs and kickers, too! TJ Pledger’s lookin’ mighty fine as the top RB for Week 3, and Matt Coghlin’s mullet-powered kickin’ prowess has earned him the top spot among kickers. But don’t forget about the defenses! Bubba’s got them Panthers and Stallions as the go-to picks for Week 3.

So, buckle up, y’all! It’s time to saddle up for another week of USFL fantasy action, and we’re here to help guide you through the wild, wild west of roster picks and game predictions. Stay tuned, partners!

Quarterback Rankings (By Dusty)

Former Vikings QB Case Cookus is becoming an unlikely star in the USFL -  Sports Illustrated Minnesota Vikings News, Analysis and More

Well, howdy there, folks! This week, ol’ Dusty’s puttin’ his chips on Cookus as the top QB. He’s been ridin’ high all season, and he’s up against them mediocre Pittsburgh fellas this time ’round.

Next, I got McGough sittin’ pretty at number two. That boy came in as the new gunslinger in Week 2 and threw for over 300 yards! This week, he’s facin’ a so-so defense from New Orleans.

Now, my usual go-to, Bethel-Thompson, ain’t sittin’ as high this week. That Birmingham defense is tougher than a two-dollar steak, so I reckon he’ll have a harder time puttin’ up big numbers.

Movin’ on down the line, I got Bahar and White at 4 and 5. They may not be as sharpshootin’ as Love (who’s at number 6), but they’re up against Memphis and Houston, and them defenses are softer than a kitten’s belly. So, these boys might just find some success out there.

1. Case Cookus – Philadelphia Stars

2. Alex McGough – Birmingham Stallions

3. McLeod Bethel-Thompson – New Orleans Breakers

4. Kenji Bahar – Houston Gamblers

5. Brady White – Memphis Showboats

6. Josh Love – Michigan Panthers

7. Troy Williams – Pittsburgh Maulers

8. DeAndre Johnson – New Jersey Generals

Running Back Rankings (By Dusty)

Houston Gamblers on Twitter: "T.J. Pledger into the endzone! πŸ™Œ @uno_tj  caps off a 12 play, 61-yard drive with the touchdown to tie it up! πŸŽ₯: @nbc  | @peacock" / Twitter

Well, folks, y’all better keep an eye on ol’ TJ Pledger this week. He’s lookin’ like the cream of the crop, facin’ them Showboats with a defense leakier than a sieve. Plus, he gets a heap of carries. Sounds like a recipe for a great day to me.

Next in line are Corbin and Victor, squarin’ off against each other. In my humble opinion, these two are the best backs in the USFL, and they’re fixin’ to have themselves a fine ol’ time.

Another fella to watch is Alex Collins. He’s goin’ up against them Gamblers, and their defense ain’t much to write home about. I reckon he’ll have a great game.

Now, CJ Marable and Wes Hills are facin’ off this week, and they should both put up a good fight. Hills is a better back than the 6th spot suggests, but takin’ on that Birmingham defense is tougher than a bull at a rodeo.

So there y’all have it! Good luck with your fantasy picks, and may the best team win!

1. TJ Pledger – Houston Gamblers

2. Reggie Corbin – Michigan Panthers

3. Darius Victor – New Jersey Generals

4. Alex Collins – Memphis Showboats

5. CJ Marable – Birmingham Stallions

6. Wes Hills – New Orleans Breakers

7. Stevie Scott – Michigan Panthers

8. Madre London – Pittsburgh Maulers

9. Kingston Davis – New Jersey Generals

10.Matt Colburn – Philadelphia Stars

11.ZaQuandre White – Birmingham Stallions

12.Duane Gary – Pittsburgh Maulers

Wide Receiver Rankings (By Bubba)

Houston Gamblers' Justin Hall hurdles a defender, features on USFL's Best  Plays from Week 2 | UNDISPUTED | FOX Sports

Lemme tell y’all ’bout the top 5 wide receivers for Week 3. Now, ain’t this somethin’? That ol’ Gamblers team got both the top RB and WR for this week! Justin Hall’s sittin’ right at the top of the list, projected to score a mighty fine 14.20 points. He’s got himself 17 targets, 11 receptions, 227 yards, and 2 touchdowns. Boy, howdy! Them Showboats better watch out!

Now, comin’ in at number two, we got Cameron Echols-Luper from them Generals. He’s up against the Panthers this week, and I reckon he’ll put up 13.25 points. He’s got 16 targets, 10 receptions, 195 yards, and a touchdown under his belt.

Austin Watkins from the Stallions is our number three fella this week, and he’s facin’ them Breakers. He’s projected to score 12.90 points, with 14 targets, 9 receptions, 180 yards, and a touchdown to his name.

Devin Gray from the Stars is ranked fourth, and he’s goin’ up against the Maulers. He’s expected to score 11.80 points, havin’ 13 targets, 10 receptions, 166 yards, and a touchdown.

And lastly, at number five, we got Joe Walker from the Panthers. He’s playin’ against the Generals and is projected to score 10.50 points. He’s caught 8 passes from 11 targets, rackin’ up 142 yards and a touchdown.

So, there y’all have it! This week’s gonna be a hoot with the Gamblers showin’ off their top RB and WR. Can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

  1. Justin Hall – Houston Gamblers
  2. Cameron Echols-Luper – New Jersey Generals
  3. Austin Watkins – Birmingham Stallions
  4. Devin Gray – Philadelphia Stars
  5. Joe Walker – Michigan Panthers
  6. Anthony Ratliff-Williams – Houston Gamblers
  7. Johnnie Dixon – New Orleans Breakers
  8. Corey Coleman – Philadelphia Stars
  9. Rashard Davis – Memphis Showboats
  10. Isiah Hennie – Pittsburgh Maulers
  11. Ryan McDaniel – Memphis Showboats
  12. Davion Davis – Birmingham Stallions
  13. Trey Quinn – Michigan Panthers
  14. Myron Mitchell – Birmingham Stallions
  15. Chris Rowland – Philadelphia Stars
  16. Ishmael Hyman – Michigan Panthers
  17. Jonathan Adams – New Orleans Breakers
  18. Lee Morris – New Orleans Breakers

Tight End Rankings (By Bubba)

Sage Surratt - USFL News, Rumors, & Updates | FOX Sports

Well, I’ll tell y’all what, ol’ Sage Surratt from New Orleans is fixin’ to be the top dawg this week, even though he’s facin’ them tough Stallions. Now, he’s been catchin’ balls like a champ, got a heap of yards, and folks been throwin’ his way a whole bunch. He’s a good ol’ boy to have on your team, no doubt ’bout it.

Now, Bubba’s got his eye on Jace Sternberger from Birmingham, too. This fella’s been hotter than a stolen tamale, and he’s been rackin’ up them fantasy points like nobody’s business. He’s goin’ up against them Breakers, but I reckon he’s still a mighty fine choice for your roster.

As for that Braedon Bowman fella from New Jersey, he’s been pretty consistent, but he ain’t found the end zone yet. He’s gonna be facin’ them tough Panthers, but with the number of times he’s been targeted, I’d say he’s worth a gander.

So there y’all have it, partner. Sage and Jace ought to be the stars of the show this week, with Braedon puttin’ up a fight too. Good luck out there on the ol’ fantasy football gridiron, folks!

  1. Sage Surratt – New Orleans Breakers
  2. Jace Sternberger – Birmingham Stallions
  3. Breadon Bowman – New Jersey Generals
  4. Josh Pederson – Houston Gamblers
  5. Cole Hikutini – Michigan Panthers
  6. Artayvious Lynn – Pitsburgh Maulers
  7. Marcus Baugh – Michigan Panthers
  8. Pro Wells – Philadelphia Stars

D/ST Rankings (By Bubba)

Former Navy football player Sean Williams excelling as starting safety for Michigan  Panthers of the USFL – Capital Gazette

Well, partner, them Panthers are lookin’ like the top pick in Week 3, facin’ them Generals with a not-so-hot offense. Panthers’ defense is gonna shine like a diamond in a goat’s rear, if ya know what I mean.

Now, them Stallions sure have a solid defense, but they’re up against them Breakers with a strong offense. It’s gonna be a bit more challengin’, but them Stallions should still hold their own out there.

So, there ya have it, folks. Panthers and Stallions are your go-to defenses for Week 3. Y’all best saddle up and get ready for some good ol’ fashioned fantasy football action!

  1. Michigan Panthers
  2. Birmingham Stallions
  3. New Jersey Generals
  4. Pittsburgh Maulers
  5. Philadelphia Stars
  6. New Orleans Breakers
  7. Houston Gamblers
  8. Memphis Showboats

Kicker Rankings (By Dusty)

Matt Coghlin - USFL News, Rumors, & Updates | FOX Sports

Howdy, folks! Bubba’s back with them Week 3 fantasy kicker rankings, takin’ into account the week 3 schedule and defensive strength. Let’s dive right in, y’all! And I tell ya what, Matt Coghlin’s mullet is so magnificent, it’s gotta be givin’ him a little extra kickin’ power out there on the field. Business in the front, field goals in the back, am I right?

  1. Matt Coghlin – New Orleans Breakers
  2. Brandon Aubrey – Birmingham Stallions
  3. Nick Sciba – New Jersey Generals
  4. Cole Murphy – Michigan Panthers
  5. Nick Vogel – Houston Gamblers
  6. Luis Aguilar – Philadelphia Stars
  7. Nathan Hierlihy – Pittsburgh Maulers
  8. Alex Kessman – Memphis Showboats


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