USFL Week 2 Quarterbacking by the Numbers

USFL Week 2 Quarterbacking by the Numbers

The second week of USFL action is officially over, so I thought we would take another look at the QB numbers. Overall we saw an increase in pass attempts, pass completions, and touchdowns. With that though also came an increase in interceptions, and a decrease in completion percentage.

Bryan Scott appears to be the best in the league. He passed for 272 yards and 3 touchdowns this week, both single game highs in the young USFL season. Kyle Sloter also put together a great week with 266 yards and 2 touchdowns. He looked sharp at times in week 1 and could be a force in this league if he continues to improve. Jordan Love showed flashes at times as well, finishing with 236 yards and 2 touchdowns, but was also picked off twice. J’Mar Smith could be a breakout star, improving his week 1 totals with 229 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Jordan Ta’amu took a step backwards this week after looking strong in the opener. He was only 8/18 with 62 yards and an interception. My guess is it was a cold weak against the strong Breakers defense. Although they didn’t sack him, they were all over him in the backfield. The Perez/Johnson duo of the Generals also looked a little off. Johnson completed 5 of 6 passes but was primarily useless in the running game. At some point I think they may have to move to one guy and come up with a better game plan to move the ball.

Michigan and Houston have the most problems at the position. Michigan stuck with Shea Patterson this week, who barely did anything prior to the last drive. Houston started with Thorson before switching to Bahar, then had to go back to Thorson after an injury to Bahar. Both teams look to have the roster outside of the quarterback position and were still battling for a win late in the game.

Below are each quarterbacks passing numbers for the week. Check back after next week as we will continue to monitor the ups and downs of each team throwing the ball.

Michigan Panthers (29 Passes, 28 Rushes)

  • Shea Patterson – 14/29 124 Yards

New Jersey Generals (25 Passes, 32 Rushes)

  • Luis Perez – 13/19 97 Yards 1 INT
  • De’Andre Johnson – 5/6 48 Yards

Pittsburgh Maulers (39 Passes, 28 Rushes)

  • Jordan Love – 21/39 236 Yards 2 TD 2 INT

Philadelphia Stars (36 Passes, 16 Rushes)

  • Bryan Scott – 26/36 272 Yards 3 TD 1 INT

Birmingham Stallions (30 Passes, 33 Rushes)

  • J’Mar Smith – 20/30 229 Yards 2 TD 1 INT

Houston Gamblers (33 Passes, 26 Rushes)

  • Clayton Thorson – 13/27 141 Yards 2 TD 3 INT
  • Kenji Bahar – 1/6 9 Yards

New Orleans Breakers (39 Passes, 33 Rushes)

  • Kyle Sloter – 25/39 266 Yards 2 TD

Tampa Bay Bandits (28 Passes, 30 Rushes)

  • Jordan Ta’amu – 8/18 62 Yards 1 INT
  • Brady White – 3/10 34 Yards 1 INT

Total Passes: 259
Total Completions: 149
Total Completion Percentage: 57.5%
Total TD: 11
Total INT: 10

What did you think of the USFL quarterback play in week 2? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.