McLeod Bethel-Thompson Jumps To USFL From CFL For 2023

USFL Week 2: Fantasy Football Rankings

Bubba McCoy and Dusty “Six-Shooter” Callahan, a pair of small-town Texas cowpokes, decided to swap their ranch duties for an adventure in Detroit, Michigan. Trading in their lassos for a couple of baseball caps, the duo set off on a wild trip to explore Ford Field and its surroundings.

As they moseyed through the lively city, Bubba and Dusty marveled at the impressive Ford Field, home to the Michigan Panthers. They roamed the stadium, soaking up the atmosphere and imagining the roar of the crowd on game day.

Their escapades led them to explore the vibrant surroundings, where they discovered the bustling Eastern Market, chock-full of delicious eats and friendly locals. Bubba and Dusty couldn’t help but enjoy the enticing aroma of BBQ while they swapped stories with the Michiganders.

As their adventure continued, the pair wandered through Detroit’s historic streets, admiring the Motor City’s rich automotive history and the stunning architecture that told a tale of its past.

In the end, Bubba and Dusty’s escapades in Detroit brought them closer together, and they returned to Texas with memories that would last a lifetime, eagerly anticipating their next big adventure.

Our next post will include a travel guide of key stops while watching your hometown Michigan Panthers in Detroit.

Quarterback Rankings (By Dusty)

Well, partner, to ol’ Dusty here, it seems like that Bethel-Thompson fella is a real standout among the bunch. He had a rootin’ tootin’ first game, throwin’ for more than 300 yards, and in week two, he’s facin’ a not-so-tough Houston defense.

Next up, we got ourselves a barn-burner of a matchup between Love and Cookus. Now, I reckon Love’s got a bit of an edge, seein’ as Michigan’s defense might be a tad stronger than Philadelphia’s. But, let me tell ya, you can’t go wrong with either one of ’em cowboys.

Movin’ on down the line, we got J. Smith, who’s playin’ for what might just be the best all-around team in Birmingham. After Smith, though, things start to get a little uncertain, and pickin’ the right player’s like tryin’ to find a needle in a haystack. That Morgan fella at number five, well, based on his week 1 performance, I’d say he’s about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

So, there ya have it, folks. Good luck with your choices, and may the best team win!

  1. McLeod Bethel-Thompson – New Orleans Breakers
  2. Josh Love – Michigan Panthers
  3. Case Cookus – Philadelphia Stars
  4. J’Mar Smith – Birmingham Stallions
  5. Brady White – Memphis Showboats
  6. Kenji Bahar – Houston Gamblers
  7. Dakota Prukop – New Jersey Generals
  8. James Morgan – Pittsburgh Maulers

Running Back Rankings (By Dusty)

Victor had a darn good first game, rushin’ for 89 yards and averagin’ 11 yards per carry. I reckon he’ll keep that up against Pittsburgh. Next, we got Scott. Now, he might not be the second-best runnin’ back around, but he should do just fine against Philadelphia’s so-so defense.

Movin’ on, we got Jones and Collins. Between ’em, I’d say Collins is the better cowboy, but he’s up against a tough-as-nails Birmingham defense. A little further down the line, we got Colburn, Marable, and London, who are the top runnin’ backs for their teams. But, seein’ as their teams ain’t too keen on runnin’ the ball, I wouldn’t expect any big performances from ’em on account of limited carries.

  1. Darius Victor – New Jersey Generals
  2. Stevie Scott – Michigan Panthers
  3. Anthony Jones – New Orleans Breakers
  4. Alex Collins – Memphis Showboats
  5. T.J. Pledger – Houston Gamblers
  6. Kingston Davis – New Jersey Generals
  7. Matt Colburn – Philadelphia Stars
  8. Reggie Corbin – Michigan Panthers
  9. CJ Marable – Birmingham Stallions
  10. Madre London – Pittsburgh Maulers
  11. Devwah Whaley – Houston Gamblers
  12. Brady White – Memphis Showboats

Wide Receiver Rankings (By Bubba)

Howdy, folks! Bubba here, chimin’ in with a brief note ’bout these USFL rankings. Now, y’all gotta remember, we ain’t talkin’ ’bout the NFL, where pedigree and draft capital make a difference. Nope, this here’s the USFL, where it’s the play on the field that counts for a hill of beans.

So, don’t go puttin’ too much stock in them preseason rankings. Just keep your eyes peeled on the gridiron and let the players show what they’re made of. Here are some names to keep an eye on:

  1. Joe Walker – Michigan Panthers
  2. Devin Gray – Philadelphia Stars
  3. Jonathan Adams – New Orleans Breakers
  4. Cam Echols-Luper – New Jersey Generals
  5. Ryan McDaniel – Memphis Showboats
  6. Rashard Davis – Memphis Showboats
  7. Corey Coleman – Philadelphia Stars
  8. Johnnie Dixon – New Orleans Breakers
  9. Lee Morris – New Orleans Breakers
  10. Austin Watkins – Birmingham Stallions
  11. Trey Quinn – Michigan Panthers
  12. Ishmael Hyman – Michigan Panthers
  13. Tre Walker – Pittsburgh Maulers
  14. Chris Rowland – Philadelphia Stars
  15. Randy Satterfield – New Jersey Generals
  16. Bailey Gaither – Pittsburgh Maulers
  17. Davion Davis – Birmingham Stallions

I just wanted to talk a bit more ’bout Joe Walker, that wide receiver for the Michigan Panthers we’ve been discussin’. Now, he had himself an impressive game, and I want to highlight some key stats that are particularly important for us fantasy football enthusiasts.

In that recent game against my Houston Gamblers, ol’ Joe was targeted 7 times and managed to haul in 6 of ’em, showin’ a catch rate of 85.7%. Not too shabby, if you ask me! He racked up 105 receiving yards and a touchdown, which translated into 19.5 fantasy points for his lucky owners.

What’s more, he had a 34-yard reception as his longest of the day, and with 27 yards after the catch, this fella’s showin’ he’s got the moves to make a difference on the field.

So, keep an eye on Joe Walker, folks. He’s got the potential to put up some solid fantasy numbers and help your team out. Happy watchin’!

Tight End Rankings (By Bubba)

Howdy, folks! Bubba here again. I just wanted to put in a good word for Jace Sternberger, a tight end who’s lookin’ like the number one choice for Week 2. This fella’s a proud Aggie, comin’ straight outta Texas A&M, and he’s been makin’ a name for himself on the gridiron.

Keep a close eye on ol’ Jace as he takes the field in Week 2. He’s got the potential to rack up some serious points for your fantasy team. And if you’re an Aggie fan like me, you’ll be rootin’ for him all the way. Gig ’em, Aggies!

  1. Jace Sternberger – Birmingham Stallions
  2. Sage Surratt – New Orleans Breakers
  3. Bradon Bowman – New Jersey Generals
  4. Marcus Baugh – Michigan Panthers
  5. Josh Pederson – Houston Gamblers
  6. Artayvious Lynn – Pitsburgh Maulers
  7. Derrick Dillon – Memphis Showboats
  8. Pro Wells – Philadelphia Stars

D/ST Rankings (By Bubba)

Howdy, y’all! Bubba here, and let me tell ya, the Birmingham Stallions’ defense is somethin’ else. They’re a tough bunch, creatin’ turnovers like nobody’s business and keepin’ opponents’ scores low. Their pass rush is a force to be reckoned with, too. So, if you’re lookin’ for a hard-hittin’ defense, the USFL Birmingham Stallions are your team. Happy footballin’, folks!

  1. Birmingham Stallions
  2. Michigan Panthers
  3. New Orleans Breakers
  4. Pittsburgh Maulers
  5. Philadelphia Stars
  6. New Jersey Generals
  7. Memphis Showboats
  8. Houston Gamblers

Kicker Rankings (By Dusty)

Howdy, y’all! Dusty here, and I want to chat about the benefits of bein’ Brandon Aubrey, the kicker for the Birmingham Stallions. With such a strong offense, he’ll get plenty of opportunities to score extra points and field goals. Plus, bein’ part of a top-notch team can boost his confidence, makin’ him a reliable choice in clutch situations. Keep an eye on ol’ Brandon if you’re lookin’ for a kicker in your fantasy league. Happy footballin’, folks!

  1. Brandon Aubrey – Birmingham Stallions
  2. Nick Sciba – New Jersey Generals
  3. Alex Kessman – Memphis Showboats
  4. Cole Murphy – Michigan Panthers
  5. Nick Vogel – Houston Gamblers
  6. Luis Aguilar – Philadelphia Stars
  7. Nathan Hierlihy – Pittsburgh Maulers
  8. Matt Coghlin – New Orleans Breakers

How is your USFL fantasy team doing so far? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.