USFL Uniform Rankings: Which Team Has The Best Look?

USFL Uniform Rankings: Which Team Has The Best Look?

On Thursday, the USFL revealed all eight new uniforms, releasing one team jersey every hour. It was an enjoyable event, and fans of the league were excited to watch the eight franchises come to life.

Now that every team has its color scheme, we figured it wouldn’t hurt to rank them. Disclaimer: these are not official rankings, but purely the subjective opinion of the writer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the uniforms, of course. With that being said, let’s get into the rankings.

#8: Pittsburgh Maulers

The Pittsburgh Maulers have a very unique color palette – and in any other city, they would have ranked higher. Purple and orange work relatively well together, the Maulers are able to pull it off to an extent.

However, they rank last simply because Pittsburgh has always been known for black and gold. Essentially every Pittsburgh franchise uses those colors, and the Maulers do something completely different. Understandably, the USFL kept the jerseys similar to its first rendition in the 1980s; but the league may have benefitted from changing things up for the current state of the city.

#7: Houston Gamblers

These fellows look mean. The Houston Gamblers went with a black on gray palette for their home uniforms, which help separate themselves from the many red-heavy jerseys. Their theme holds similarities to the XFL’s New York Guardians, with the black, red, and gray. Personally, I wish the jerseys would have featured something more, as they do feel a bit bland in contrast to other teams; hence why they are ranked in seventh place.

#6: Tampa Bay Bandits

Sometimes, less is more. This is the case for the Tampa Bay Bandits, who feature a clean and rather simplistic design. The team sticks close to their original colors, and are similar to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Compared to other team uniforms that feature red, the Bandits aren’t as fresh; but they still have a solid look heading into the 2022 season.

#5: New Jersey Generals

Capping off the first half, we have the New Jersey Generals. Once again, the red and white are on full display. This isn’t a bad thing, as the jerseys are sharp and catch the viewer’s eye. That being said, with how many uniforms already feature a bold red, it would have made sense for New Jersey to switch things up a bit. Using the gold seen in the logo probably would have benefitted the team in the long run. Despite this, the Generals still have a solid set of jerseys to wear in 2022.

#4: Philadelphia Stars

As for Philadelphia, their usage of red works quite well paired with a bright yellow. The unique side stripes heading down the pants set their uniforms apart from the rest, and provide the team with their own identity. These are a fantastic nod to the past, while simultaneously bringing a modern feel to the organization.

#3: Birmingham Stallions

The hometown team has some pretty slick drip. A bright maroon and gold dominate their colorwaves, causing these uniforms to stand out from the rest. Interestingly enough, it does seem like the team will have gold pants, even though the graphic above shows white. The Birmingham Stallions were the first uniform to be released, and proved to be one of the best.

#2: New Orleans Breakers

Deciding between the top two was nearly impossible, to be completely honest. The New Orleans Breakers have arguably the cleanest uniforms in the league, going for an “icy” look with multiple shades of blue and white. These jerseys are a wonderful rendition of the originals back in the 1980s, and bring a fresh feel to the city’s new team. Without a doubt, the Breakers will be eye-candy when they are on the field.

#1: Michigan Panthers

Coming in at #1, we have the Michigan Panthers. While there are plenty of amazing uniforms in the USFL, the Panthers simply have that “special” factor that sets them apart from every other team in the league. With their unique color palette, and exquisite helmet details, Michigan’s design had to be in first place.

Make no mistake about it: the Michigan Panthers are already winning the league so far in more ways than one.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, these rankings could go in many different directions. Each jersey has its own set of strengths, and it will be a blast to watch these eight franchises battle it out in their new uniforms. As the USFL approaches its official debut, we look forward to more league reveals in the near future.

Which uniforms are your favorite in the new USFL? Do you agree with these rankings? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!