USFL Birmingham Stallions Kicker Brandon Aubrey Dominates In Cowboys Week 2 Win

USFL Kicker Brandon Aubrey Approaching NFL History Books

Brandon Aubrey has gotten off to a historical start in the NFL, chartering territory that only one other kicker has reached. So far, Aubrey has knocked through all 18 field goal attempts for the Dallas Cowboys, tying an NFL record with Travis Coons.

There are quite a few NFL fans who have been surprised with Aubrey’s performances so far. However, for those of us who tracked his story through the USFL, his consistency is nothing new.

USFL Journey

Brandon Aubrey’s story is fascinating, having never played a down of football in college. He was a soccer player for Notre Dame, and then played with a couple of MLS teams.

A few years ago, his wife was watching an NFL game with Brandon, and they witnessed a kicker miss a field goal attempt. His wife then said that Brandon could easily kick in the NFL.

This ended up sparking what has turned into a wild couple of years for Brandon. He began training with Brian Egan, and the journey began. Aubrey landed in the USFL for their inaugural season, where he earned All-USFL honors as the Birmingham Stallions won a Championship.

This past season, he went back to back with the team, serving as one of the top kickers in the league. He finished the year 14-15 on field goal attempts, showcasing his poise and confidence at the position.

What makes this story even more intriguing is the way the Cowboys landed Aubrey. John Fassel, Special Teams Coordinator, took an under-the-radar trip to watch Brandon kick towards the end of the 2023 season, after doing some research on his USFL success.

Fassel was looking for a kicker to compete with Tristan Vizcaino, and settled on picking up Aubrey. Interestingly enough, USFL ties are a staple in the Fassel family. John’s father, Jim, was the New Orleans Breakers offensive coordinator back in 1984.

NFL Success

This all led to Brandon Aubrey proving to be one of the best – if not the best – kicker in the NFL right now. Aubrey has knocked through all 18 field goal attempts this season, and they haven’t been chip shots, either. This past Sunday, he hit a 58 yarder, which is a professional record for Brandon.

While his success might be a shock to some, Aubrey has had full confidence in his abilities throughout this entire process. The USFL prepared him for this big stage, and he has come through in a major way for the Cowboys in 2023.

Aubrey spoke about his mindset coming into the NFL, having played in the USFL for two years:

“I feel like I didn’t come in as a rookie…I feel more like a sophomore having played in the USFL for a couple years, but I know it’s not exactly the same [as the NFL]. As a kicker, it kind of is the same. You just have your operation to deal with [the snap, hold and kick], but I didn’t really feel the same way as when I was coming to my rookie year in the MLS. I’m more mature, I knew what to expect. I’m ready for what it meant to be a professional athlete, which I can’t say was true of my MLS rookie year.”

Brandon has been on a tear through eight weeks. Aside from hitting all 18 field goal attempts, Aubrey is currently 17-18 on XP’s, making his last 17 tries.

Final Thoughts

On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys will play the Philadelphia Eagles at 4:25pm ET. Aubrey will have an opportunity to make NFL history. With one more successful field goal, he will set the record with 19 to start his career.

Additionally, his outstanding performance this past week earned him NFC Special Teams Player of the Week.

Clearly, the USFL providing their players with a national platform is paying off in dividends. The Dallas Cowboys have paid heavy attention to the league, signing league MVP KaVontae Turpin in 2022, who has been an asset for the team since joining the organization.

In addition, the league has sent over 100 players to the NFL’s ranks over the past two seasons. Life changing opportunities are being offered to hundreds of athletes each and every year in the USFL – Brandon Aubrey is just one example.

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