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USFL Coaching Announcement Debacle: Honest Mistake, Or Something More?

Last Thursday, the USFL sent out a tweet, informing viewers that the final four coaches would be announced on Colin Cowherd’s “The Herd”; similar to how the first four coaches were announced a couple of weeks ago.

However, everything changed during the show, as the announcement ended up being for two coaches, not the final four. USFL fans were left in a state of confusion, as every sign pointed towards the remaining four coaches being revealed.

Despite those signs, the segment on Cowherd’s show only reported on Skip Holtz and Kirby Wilson; with no mention of the others, or why the announcement of the final coaches was retracted.

After the bit was over, the USFL released an official press release on the two coaches, who are taking the helm for the Birmingham Stallions and the Pittsburgh Maulers.

The strange thing about this whole ordeal is that the USFL still has not mentioned anything at all about why we only got two coaches instead of four, even though we were told differently at the start.

It was also pointed out that, before the USFL’s segment on The Herd, the banner at the bottom of the show read “USFL Still To Come: Colin & Joy unveil the final four head coaches in the new USFL”.

Then, when it was time for the segment to air, it was quietly changed to just two, and we never heard anything about the final four being announced again.

Everything about this situation is weird, and certainly does not seem professional in the slightest. If the USFL does have the final two coaches in place, why would they back off from their original statement and only reveal Holtz and Wilson?

But, if it turns out that they didn’t have all four, why would they even announce in the first place that they did? None of this makes sense, at all.

Now, it could have simply been a mistake by the social media manager – but, if that were the case, then why would the media advisory sent to Colin Cowherd also state that four coaches would be announced?

Obviously, Cowherd and his producers thought that there would be four names to reveal, not two. Something changed, and it seemed to have been during the production of Cowherd’s show, as it was very last minute.

Another option is that one of the four coaches dropped out unexpectedly, leaving the USFL with three of the final four, so they decided to announce two instead of three. However, the odds of this being the case are very low, as it would not make sense for a coach to just disappear after agreeing to join the league.

To be honest, this whole scenario has left us with more questions than answers. With the USFL’s silence on the issue, we still have no concrete idea as to what happened behind the scenes.

On top of everything, the USFL is expected to announce Birmingham as the hub city for the 2022 season tomorrow. Will we hear anything about the final two coaches during that announcement? We’ll all need to wait and see what they have in store.

It would go a long way for fans if the league addressed what went down last Thursday. As a startup, the league should try to keep these mistakes at a minimum.

At the end of the day, we can only speculate. That being said, hopefully some type of statement is made soon to shed some light on the matter.

Why do you think the USFL only announced two coaches instead of four? Is the league being properly run? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. It’s just Rupert Murdoch and his people being the incompetent bleeps they are! There is a reason why FOX is traditionally the LEAST popular of the four majors (NBC, CBS, ABC). Of course, despite this, don’t expect the USFL to go under this time. NBC will especially help FOX avoid the same mistake the previous owners made last time.
    Personally, I think The Rock’s XFL 3.0 has a better shot at success. Especially if Rock and friends avoid NFL markets as best as possible (unlike Rupert and Vince’s XFL 2.0).

  2. Much ado about nothing! So they named two coaches instead of four, BIG DEAL!! If you’re going to report, report something news worthy. ‘ Debacle ‘ my ass! typical tabloid style sensationalist ‘ journalism ‘ and I use that term very loosely.

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