XFL Draft Prospect Josh Rosen

Three Free Agent Quarterbacks The XFL Should Pursue For 2023

The XFL has been hard at work behind the scenes, preparing for their launch in 2023. With the XFL draft supposedly taking place in November, the league will be in a great position to pick up talent that the NFL isn’t using.

With NFL teams currently cutting their rosters down to regular season size, multiple quarterbacks have been released. These athletes will be looking for more opportunities, and that’s exactly what the XFL can provide.

Let’s take a look at a few signal callers who could develop in the XFL, and why they would be solid prospects for the league.

#1: Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen is a player that XFL fans have been speaking about for quite some time. He seems like the perfect fit for the league, especially since his release from the Cleveland Browns.

First and foremost, Rosen is clearly a talented quarterback. His years at UCLA were impressive, throwing for over 9,300 yards and 59 touchdowns in three years.

However, things haven’t gone so well for Josh since joining the NFL. The former first round pick for the Arizona Cardinals once stated that the other teams who passed on him would regret that decision.

Obviously, his confidence didn’t fully transfer over to the football field. Rosen’s first and only year in Arizona was underwhelming, to say the least. He threw for 2,268 yards and eleven touchdowns in fourteen games – but, tossed fourteen interceptions and averaged only 5.8YPA.

Since then, he’s been kicked around between Miami, Atlanta, San Francisco and Cleveland. He never settled into a starting role again, and has struggled to find consistency as a backup.

Now, he’s at a crossroads. The journeyman QB is looking to prove himself, somewhere. That’s where the XFL comes into play – Rosen simply needs some time to develop. With the XFL’s focus on QB development and growth (i.e. hiring Jordan Palmer), this could be an ideal place for Josh Rosen to go in 2023.

He has a strong arm, is more athletic than he looks – and can obviously sling the football. In the right system, with coaches that are devoted to improving his on-field performances, Rosen might just feel at home in the XFL.

#2: Kellen Mond

Another prospect that is likely to raise some eyebrows is Kellen Mond. The former Texas A&M product was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings last year, but has been released after a subpar preseason performance.

What makes Mond an intriguing talent is his mobility. At Texas A&M, he was a dual threat quarterback. He threw for over 9,661 yards and 71 touchdowns during his college career there, proving to be a relatively accurate passer.

On top of that, he racked up over 1,600 rushing yards and 22 scores on the ground at Texas A&M. Clearly, Mond possesses quite a bit of skill, and just needs some time to grow as a signal caller.

Right now, he’s simply not ready for the NFL stage. This doesn’t mean that his career is over, or that he is inadequate for the position. But, this is exactly why leagues such as the XFL exist.

Considering Kellen is still a young prospect, and has showcased plenty of potential in the past, he could be an excellent fit for the XFL. He is a dynamic playmaker with his ability to both run and pass. The league wants to provide fans with more quality football, and Mond could help them accomplish just that.

While Mond may see interest from other NFL organizations, the XFL could certainly benefit from pursuing him heading towards their inaugural draft.

#3: Danny Etling

Danny Etling is someone that the XFL should absolutely pursue, if possible. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in 2018, and most recently played in preseason for the Green Bay Packers.


While seeing limited time with Green Bay, he finished the 2022 preseason with 220 yards and one touchdown, without throwing any interceptions. He also displayed his ability to scramble/run with the football. Despite his solid showings, Etling was let go by the Packers.

Danny was superb at LSU, playing two seasons with the team. Over the course of 23 games, Etling threw for over 4,500 yards and 27 touchdowns, to only seven interceptions. Without a doubt, he’s showcased some major upside throughout the last several years.

Once again, this is exactly why the XFL could use a young, aspiring QB like Etling. He is hungry to prove himself on the professional level, and certainly has the talents necessary to perform at a high level in the league. As the XFL draft approaches, Etling is a potential name to keep a close eye on.

Final Thoughts

An exciting factor to take into consideration is that the XFL hired Jordan Palmer to specifically help develop their quarterbacks.

This doesn’t mean that every QB he works with will be in the XFL, but it does mean that he will be spending plenty of time with multiple athletes to get them prepped for XFL action. This should help ensure high quality play at kickoff, which is set for mid February in 2023.

Now that the showcases are behind us, teams are holding private workouts for their respective organizations. Expect some of these NFL cuts to receive potential invites to these workouts, as the draft approaches quickly.

There are obviously plenty of free agent quarterbacks who have the talent to play in the XFL. Rosen, Mond, and Etling are among many who should be given looks over the next few months.

Which quarterbacks would you like to see in the XFL Draft this year? Out of these three QB’s, do you have a favorite to join the league? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!