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The Resurgence Of Quinten Dormady With The Orlando Guardians

Quinten Dormady has taken the XFL by storm, in more ways than one. The Orlando Guardians QB is on a tear as of late, most recently dominating the DC Defenders in a major upset.

It has been quite the season for Dormady. Full of ups and downs is an understatement, to say the least. Let’s take a look at where his journey began, and where he’s at now with the Guardians.

The Drama

To understand the full picture, we have to rewind to the beginning of the XFL season. Quinten Dormady was one of two assigned QB’s to the Orlando Guardians franchise, in November. The team added Paxton Lynch in January, who eventually won the starting gig.

In week one, Dormady saw some playing time in a blowout loss to the Houston Roughnecks, throwing a 51 yard touchdown – but also tossing two interceptions. It wasn’t a pretty night for Orlando as a whole.

Then, heading towards week two, Dormady was placed on the inactive list to give Deondre Francois a chance to play against San Antonio. This was common knowledge, as Terrell Buckley and the ESPN crew acknowledged this during week one’s broadcast. The plan all along was for Dormady to play minutes opening weekend, and trade places with Francois in week two.

A Fateful Twist

All of a sudden, Quinten Dormady was without a job. How? Week two had barely even been completed. Well, Dormady got himself into one of the wildest situations you could possibly imagine – without really doing anything at all.

As many readers have heard by now, Dormady was accused of “leaking plays” to the San Antonio Brahmas, to get back at his team because he wasn’t going to be playing.

This story made rounds around the web, garnering millions of views. Quickly, Orlando decided to part ways with Dormady, due to this shocking development.

However, this media spin was far from the truth. It’s not even remotely close, believe it or not. As it was revealed weeks later, Dormady never leaked plays. In fact, he didn’t do a thing. All Quinten did was tell his good friend, Reid Sinnett (QB for the Brahmas) that he would not be playing week two, which should have been known by just about everybody.

Somehow, some way, this got twisted into Dormady leaking plays to throw Deondre Francois under the bus. Miscommunications on both ends resulted in the Guardians jumping the gun, axing Dormady’s ties with the team.

Thankfully, the XFL’s investigation ultimately deemed Quinten as innocent, and he was reinstated with the team. The Athletic has a full breakdown of what happened, and it’s quite the tale.

Orlando Guardians Resurgence

Since being brought back to the team, Quinten Dormady has been nothing but special for his squad. He was reactivated to the roster ahead of their matchup against the Vegas Vipers in week five.

While Paxton Lynch got the start, Dormady was brought in quickly, serving as a breath of fresh air. The Guardians fell just short in Vegas, but it was an impressive performance nonetheless.

Dormady finished the game with 256 yards (on 22/25 passing), and two touchdowns. He nearly led the team back from a double-digit deficit, but simply ran out of time in the final minutes.

After everything he went through the prior few weeks, it was incredible to see Quinten put up such efficient numbers.

First XFL Start

In week six, Quinten Dormady made his first start. The team was still searching for a win, but couldn’t overcome Ben DiNucci and the Seattle Sea Dragons.

It was another solid outing for Dormady, though, who threw for 243 yards and didn’t turn the ball over. It was clear that he was building chemistry with the team, and their offense looked the best it had all year long. A breakthrough was due – and it finally came.

First XFL Win

What we witnessed on Sunday was astounding. It’s hard to put into words just how impressive it was. Quinten Dormady had one of the best spring football performances ever – not just for a quarterback – but any player in general.

It was a ridiculous statline from Quinten, who posted:

328 yards (27/34)
9.6 YPA
6 TD’s (3 passing, 3 rushing)

His remarkable efforts led the Orlando Guardians to their first win of the XFL season, taking down the DC Defenders 37-36 in wild fashion.

You have to give Dormady a ton of credit for this outing, especially considering all the moving pieces. Despite dealing with a wild accusation and release, followed by being out of the league for a few weeks, Quinten powered Orlando past the XFL’s best team.

This wasn’t a fluke, either. Dormady has been playing excellent football, showing poise and leadership in the pocket. Sunday was a culmination of his effort, dedication, and focus all coming together at the same time.

Where Could Orlando Be?

One has to wonder where this franchise would be right now, had this entire situation been avoided. Yes, the team’s issues run deeper than their quarterbacks. The organization has shot themselves in the foot both offensively and defensively with mistakes and sloppy play. But, neither Paxton Lynch, Quinton Flowers, or Deondre Francois have come close to the level of play that we’ve seen from Dormady.

With Quinten as a starter, this unit is 1-1 with a win against the formerly undefeated Defenders. He’s brought the team together, as they have played the most cohesive football of the season with Dormady under center.

Again – this Guardians team has played very messy football for most of the year. Self-inflicted wounds put them in a deep hole, and there’s no saying whether or not Dormady’s presence would have led to victories during those weeks.

With that in mind, there’s no doubt that Quinten has given this team a new identity. They’re playing with a fire and an energy that we simply haven’t seen up until his return. Considering how weak the XFL South Division is, it isn’t too far-fetched to think that Orlando wouldn’t be the fourth seed if Dormady was in charge from the get go.

Final Thoughts

Interestingly enough, the Guardians can still make the playoffs. At 1-6, they would have to win out – and get some help from Arlington and San Antonio in the process.

Will a win over DC give Orlando a spark to do the unthinkable? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see. But, with the way Dormady is playing, anything is possible. Terrell Buckley should be extremely pleased with how his quarterback is performing right now.

The Orlando Guardians will host the Arlington Renegades on Saturday, at 4pm ET on ESPN.

What are your thoughts on Quinten Dormady and his resurgence in the XFL? Can the Orlando Guardians make the playoffs? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!