The Case for Fan Cutouts & Season Ticket Packages for XFL Reboot

The Case for Fan Cutouts & Season Ticket Packages for XFL Reboot

If the XFL decides that it’s necessary to not have fans in stands, it will eliminate ticket revenue opportunities. Fan cutouts seem like a reasonable Plan B. If the XFL wanted to go that route while driving up revenue with other items they could do something like this:

  • Interested fans put down a season ticket payment ($100) 
  • Cutouts will go to the bubble and will be in sections with other fans from each team
  • Those fans get a package that comes with:
    • Cardboard cutout ($60 for each added cutout)
    • Priority seating for 2022
    • A team mask or t-shirt
    • Exclusive Zoom Meet and Greets with Players and Coaches
    • XFL Shop Discount (20.22% off)
  • For a $50 deposit you get standard season ticket priorities and no added package

In today’s article I will go over each of the items in the package and why the XFL should consider doing this option.

Cardboard Cutouts:

We live in a time where teams are having to resort to cardboard cutouts to bring back some of the normal aspects to the games. The XFL can use this to their advantage and bring revenue in. Each cardboard cutout will be stationed in designated sections based on team. For example: Behind the north end zone could be BattleHawks fans and the South Endzone could be Vipers fans. If the XFL wants to get creative they should put the fans of teams playing behind the North and South Endzone. Home team behind the North Endzone and Away team behind the South Endzone. If a fan wants more than one cutout it will add $60 more per added cutout. 

Priority Seating for 2022:

When we finally make it out of the pandemic the fans paying for the $100 package will have priority seating options for the 2022 season. Not the biggest selling point, but it’s nice to know that when season tickets come out for the 2022 season those fans will have first choice.

Team Mask/T-Shirt

With the $100 package fans will have the option of receiving a team of choice’s branded mask or said team’s T-Shirt. It’s nice to have options. Especially if someone doesn’t want to get the mask for any reason. T-Shirts are a classic for giveaways so it would be a no brainer to include that option. 

 Exclusive Zoom Meet and Greets with Players and Coaches

Everyone loves to meet star players. If fans decide to purchase the $100 package they will be able to meet players and coaches over zoom in Exclusive Season Ticket Holder meetings held weekly. Those meetings, fans will also be able to provide input and tips so they can see the brand of football they paid to see. This is also good for fan engagement, as they can ask questions for the players and the players could tell stories about their time playing football.

XFL Shop Discount (20.22% off)

In the 2020 rendition the XFL had a 20% discount on all items for season ticket holders. This was a really good idea and going off the potential year fans could return, the XFL could provide a 20.22% discount for their products. If they do go this route, it could be a very good idea and maybe give people the idea of getting more items with that discount which would drive up revenue.  

Standard Package:

For a $50 base payment, fans would receive everything from the 2020 renditions season ticket package, but would need to pay an additional $60 to have a cardboard cutout in the stands. 


What are your thoughts about this idea? Is it a good one? Leave those thoughts down below or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. I like the idea. One thing. In the zoom meeting. All participants would need to be muted and post questions in chat. A moderator could unmute people individually but you need to prevent people from talking over others. I’d love to see a picture of my dog in the stands.

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