The Arlington Renegades Secure First Win of the UFL Season

The Arlington Renegades Secure First Win of the UFL Season

Today the Arlington Renegades look to get their first win of the season against the dreadful Memphis Showboats. Arlington has lost multiple games by a single possession, and the Showboats will start former Pittsburgh Maulers QB Troy WIlliams, as they look to get out of their slump.

First Quarter

Juwaun Manigo started the game off hot with a kick return to their 46 yard line. De’Veon Smith got involved early, picking up a fresh set of first downs and bringing the Renegades into Showboats territory. Sal Cannella picked up a first down and brought the Renegades into the redzone. Sal caps off the Renegades opening drive with a 9 yard touchdown. The 2-Pt conversion was ruled successful, but on review WR Tyler Vaughns did not get both feet down. 6-0 Renegades lead.  

The Showboats move the ball fast out the gate, with Troy making multiple quick passes to avoid the dysfunctional offensive line. Darius Victor gets into the game, with multiple tough runs. A high snap to Troy forces the Showboats to attempt a 54 yard field goal, which Matt Coghlin nails. 6-3 Renegades still lead.

Another drop by Tyler Vaughns starts off the drive for the Renegades. Luis Perez finds Burnett for a 22 yard gain, and the Renegades build up some momentum going into the second quarter.

Second Quarter

A TFL from Showboats LB Anthony Butler on Lindsey Scott sets the Renegades back, but it proves to not matter as Luis Perez nails Javonte Payton for the 24 yard touchdown. Sal Cannella converts the 2-pt conversion and puts the Renegades up 14-3. 

Troy Williams threw an interception as he overthrew Vinny Papale, who batted the ball. It was returned 47 yards by Tenny Adewusi . Renegades take firm control of the game early in the second quarter, as they start their drive near the redzone. 

It didn’t take long to get into scoring position for the Renegades, as Caleb Vander Esch brought in a pass from Perez to the Showboats 1 yard line. De’Veon Smith picks up the 1 and the Touchdown. The Renegades go for a trick play with De’Veon Smith, as he throws to Caleb Vander Esch for the 2. 

Showboats start their drive off with a TFL on Titus Swen. Troy threw to Vinny Papale, and CB Jamar Summers broke it up. The Showboats punt away to Juwan Manigo, who muffs it. Showboats recover the ball in prime position to get some momentum back. 

Troy Williams gets a great pass off to Jonathan Adams for 14 yards, but they were hit with a holding penalty to set them up with a first and goal at the 16. Daewood Davis gets wide open in the middle of the field for the 14 yard touchdown, and the Showboats get back in the game. The 2-pt conversion attempt is unsuccessful, as Troy Williams trips over his feet. 

The Renegades picked up right where they left off, with KR Joe Powell returning it to Showboats territory at the 46. Luis Perez threw a beautiful pass to Sal Canella, which was called back due to OPI on the pick route. On 3rd and 15 Luis Perez underthrows his WR, and the Renegades punt it away.

The Showboats take advantage of a DPI call on an underthrown pass from Troy Williams, which gets them to the 40. Troy takes another shot downfield to Dee Anderson, who can’t secure it. Troy finds Daewood Davis for the 27 yard strike downfield, bringing the Showboats into Renegades territory. On 4th and 3 Troy overthrows his WR, turning the ball over on downs. Renegades ball at the 31.

Tyler Vaughns extends the drive for the Renegades on third down, bringing in the pass on the sideline. 36 seconds left in the 2nd, the Renegades use their last timeout. De’Veon Smith brings the Renegades to the 21, and Perez spikes it to get the field goal attempt, which Garibay sails just inside the left upright. 25-9 Renegades lead going into half. 

Third Quarter

Showboats started the half with the ball, and were pushed back deep into their territory, starting their drive at the 23. Daewood stays active in the game, bringing another fresh set of downs for the Showboats. Troy continued to attack the middle of the field, seemingly the only place they can move the ball. The Showboats again didn’t convert on 4th down off an option play to Darius Victor. Renegades ball on downs.

De’Veon Smith lights up the Renegades rushing attack with a 46 yard gain to start the drive for the Renegades. Smith stays hot, this time reeling in a pass from Perez and taking it 12 yards into the red zone and a goal to go situation. Kyree Woods is called for PI, and the Renegades get the ball at the 2 yard line. De’Veon got them there, and capped the drive with the touchdown. The Renegades fail to convert the 1-pt try. 31-9 Showboats

The Showboats fail to move the ball as Troy Williams gets sacked and they go 3 and out.

In a surprise to no one, the Arlington Renegades scored again on a beautiful 33 yard TD to Javonte Payton. The 2-pt conversion was successful, as the Renegades went up 39-9.

The Showboats have some life on offense still, behind the legs of Titus Swen and Darius Victor. Troy Williams dives into the endzone for a touchdown, but unfortunately injures himself in the process. Case Cookus comes in for the point after attempt, which he dots up Lee Morris for the 2.

Manigo continues to have issues fielding kicks, as he muffs the kickoff. He recovered it and made a decent return.

Fourth Quarter

The Renegades punt for only the second time today after their drive stalled near mid field. Sal Cannella injured on the drive after a big hit from Kyree Woods.

Case Cookus still in the game for the Showboats after Troy Williams comes out of the locker room. A drop from Jonathan Adams bounces into Joe Powell for a 50 yard interception return. Arlington again back in scoring position.

Arlington starts their drive with a run from De’Veon Smith to the four yard line, which is capped off by another Sal Cannella touchdown. The 2-pt conversion attempt is good on a wide open Deontay Burnett. Renegades lead 47-17.

Case Cookus still in the game for the Showboats, with Troy’s day being done. Cookus hit Jonathan Adams over the middle, who almost fumbled the ball but kept possession. Showboats get to the middle of the field. Vinny Papale drops what would have been a 3rd down conversion, forcing the 4th down attempt. Cookus is sacked and fumbles, which is recovered by the Renegades.

Renegades pull Luis Perez from the game and let Lindsey Scott get some snaps in. Lindsey fumbles the ball on a rush attempt, which was promptly recovered by the Showboats.

The Showboats capitalize on the fumble for a touchdown to Vinny Papale to cut the lead to 24. Showboats attempt the 4th and 12, which Vic Beasly ends it on a strip sack of Cookus.

Final Thoughts

Standout Players

De’Veon Smith was the heart and soul of the Renegades rushing attack today, going 14/ 101 yards and 2 touchdowns. His best game of the year by far, hopefully things can look up for him for the last 3 weeks of the season.

Sal Cannella was the tried and true mainstay for Luis Perez today, racking up 9/ 72 yards and 2 touchdowns. Sal continues to be a top tight end in the UFL.

The Memphis Showboats seem to be the worst team in the UFL. Their offensive line woes and lackluster secondary continues to see them get burnt week after week. Ineffective tackling and lack of production continues to be the bane of their existence. Arlington proves they can hold onto a lead, and Bob Stoops called a good game. The Renegades can breathe a sigh of relief as they avoid the winless season. De’Veon Smith had a phenomenal game, as well as Sal Cannella. Luis Perez had his best game of the season today, and most importantly came home with the win.

What are your thoughts on this game between the Memphis Showboats and Arlington Renegades? Which UFL players impressed? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!