Standouts From The Spring League We Could See In XFL

Standouts From The Spring League We Could See In XFL

While it was short-lived, The Spring League did provide some enjoyable football for a few weeks. Despite the difficulties teams faced due to the pandemic, the quality of play was not nearly as bad as it could have been. Yes, there were some messy aspects, but overall the coaching staff did an excellent job of getting their teams ready to play in a very short amount of time.

We saw quite a few players step up and put together some impressive game film for themselves. Let’s take a look at a few of them, and who we think could end up in the XFL.

Bryan Scott | QB, Generals

One of the obvious standouts from the league was Bryan Scott, who was the QB for the Generals. He played a phenomenal season, as the Generals were the only undefeated team after three weeks. Week in and week out, he found ways to win ball games for his squad.

Scott has excellent pocket presence, and showed that in each and every game. His decisions with the football were sound, and he made some excellent throws into tight windows which showed off his accuracy.

Scott has been a part of a few different NFL teams in his short career, but has never had the opportunity to make a 53 man roster. After his performance in The Spring League, it wouldn’t be surprising to see an NFL team give him a chance. If he is still a free agent by 2022, we could certainly see him make it onto an XFL squad.

Matt Colburn | RB, Blues

Matt Colburn was an absolute beast this season in The Spring League. He had under 50 yards in week one, but in weeks two and three, he balled out. Against the Aviators in week two, he had almost 200 yards on the ground, and ran for a touchdown.

In week three, he had another efficient performance, this time against the Generals. He racked up almost 200 yards combined through the air and on the ground, and showed why he deserves a spot on a professional football team.

Colburn was actually a part of the New York Guardians this past XFL season, but hardly got any playing time. In the TSL, he took advantage of the opportunity presented to him, and played at a very high level. If he doesn’t get checked out by an NFL organization soon, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him back on an XFL team.

Matthew Sexton | WR/Special Teams, Aviators

Someone who put on a show on special teams was Matthew Sexton. He was the return man for the Aviators, and made an impact on the teams’ short season. In week two, he took an overtime punt to the house, walking it off for the Aviators against the Blues:

Then in week three, he opened up the game against the Conquerors by returning the kickoff to the endzone, picking up right where he left off. If a team is looking for a speedy, scrappy special teams player who can also play WR, Sexton should be checked out.

JT Barrett | QB, Alphas

The former OSU product came to The Spring League looking for a chance to prove himself. Unfortunately, his team only got to play two games. Despite this, Barrett put up a solid performance in week two against the Conquerors, and led his team to a 22-17 win to get their first victory of the year.

He finished the game 18/24, with 284 yards, two TDs and two INTs. One of his interceptions came from his receiver falling down on the route. While he didn’t put up outstanding numbers, we have to remember that he only got a couple weeks of practice before starting in the TSL, and ended up playing only two games. If we got to see Barrett play more, I’m sure we would’ve seen him do more amazing things.

All that being said, Barrett would fit very well in the XFL. He’s scrappy, efficient in the pocket, and can put a beautiful touch on the ball. If an NFL opportunity doesn’t present itself to him soon, there’s a good chance we could see him on the football field for an XFL team in 2022.

Matt Mengel | K, Conquerors

Matt Mengel was arguably the best kicker in The Spring League this season. He was almost perfect on the year, hitting every field goal and only missing an extra point. His biggest highlight came in week two against the Alphas, when he knocked through this 53 yard field goal:

With how incompetent some kickers have been in the NFL this year, its surprising to see that Mengel hasn’t been given an NFL opportunity yet. If he is given a chance by an XFL team in 2022, I’m absolutely certain we will see him shine once again.

Did you enjoy watching The Spring League? Who are some players you’d like to see get into the XFL/NFL? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!