San Antonio Brahmas Defeat Arlington Renegades In Texas Throwdown

San Antonio Brahmas Defeat Arlington Renegades In Texas Throwdown

For the San Antonio Brahmas, the division lead. For the Arlington Renegades, the ability to fight another day. Despite having fought for different positions in the standings, the stakes were higher than ever for both adversaries and it produced a game for the ages.

The Brahmas, heading into this game, were cruising with a 3-1 record. Meanwhile, Arlington still couldn’t find a way to buy a win.
Let’s take a look at what went down at Choctaw Stadium.

First Quarter

After opening the game with a field goal, San Antonio pulled out to a 9-0 lead with a pass to a wide-open Alize Mack, accompanied by a savage stiff arm to defensive back Tenny Adewusi.

The majority of this period was controlled by San Antonio, who did not relent defensively. A.J. Smiths’ offense got off to a fast start, and they were rolling.

Second Quarter

Unable to capitalize at the goal line, Arlington was forced to settle for a field goal, making the score 9-3. A quick sub-five-minute drive gave the Brahmas another six points with a run up the middle by Josh Lovett. The Brahmas were once again unsuccessful on their one-point conversion attempt, keeping the score 15-3.

Looking to bounce back, the Renegades made a gutsy call to go for 4th and 2 deep in San Antonio territory. Unfortunately for Arlington, the Brahmas were all over offensive coordinator Chuck Long’s play call as Renegades quarterback Lindsey Scott immediately found half the defense bearing on him.

Unable to drive the ball, San Antonio was forced to punt. Wasting no time with the ball back, Renegades quarterback Luis Perez chucked a laser deep downfield to find Javonta Payton for a 52-yard touchdown.

For the two-point attempt, on one of the more bizarre plays you’ll see, Arlington tossed the ball back to Tyler Vaughns who had the ball stripped and recovered by cornerback Corey Mayfield Jr.

In something more akin to a Saturday morning cartoon than a football game, Vaughns proceeded to chase Mayfield for a whopping 70 yards before tackling him just short of the goal line. The ball practically moved across the entire gridiron and the play was borderline inconsequential.

Third Quarter

Receiving the kickoff to start the second half, Arlington capitalized with another field goal to bring the score within three. Cornerback Bopete Keyes managed to get around the Renegades line, but missed blocking the kick by a hair.

Trying to keep the momentum in their favor, San Antonio Brahmas quarterback Quinten Dormady instead gave the ball right back to Arlington with an ugly interception. Despite Perez connecting with J.P. Payton in the endzone, Payton couldn’t come down with the ball and the Renegades had to settle for a field goal, tying the game in the process.

The Renegades defense having forced a three and out, the momentum appeared to be swinging in their favor, but Arlington answered with a three and out of their own. Perez had scrambled for a first down, taking a mighty blow in the process, but an offensive holding call erased his effort and pushed the ball all the way back to his own goal line.

Fourth Quarter

Able to bounce back after his last interception, Dormady drove his team to the redzone where an extension by running back John Lovett brought the Brahmas into the endzone. Finding success on the one-point conversion, the Brahmas retook the lead 22-15.

Attempting yet another fourth down conversion, the Arlington Renegades were stuffed yet again, giving the Brahmas excellent field position on Arlington’s 40-yard line. With another turnover on downs, the Renegades became a horrific 0-5 on fourth down conversions. A field goal by San Antonio made it a two-score game at 25-15.

A brutal sack on Perez, the second of the day for San Antonio forced Arlington to punt with less than five minutes to play. Their defense needed to hold, but A.J. Smith’s offense wasn’t going to be deterred, or so everyone thought. In one of those beautiful, inexplicable moments of football, Quinten Dormady attempted to force a pass deep downfield, had it bounce off the defender’s helmet where it fell into the hands of Myles Dorn for an interception.

Arlington was somehow back in the game, and they managed to do the impossible. They finally converted on fourth down. It was all for naught however, as just like last week, a fumble by the Renegades ended the game, and this time, likely their season.

Final Thoughts

Bafflingly, Luis Perez had a tremendous stat line and is now the first and only quarterback in the UFL to have recorded 1,000 yards.

He’s also the only starting quarterback yet to win a game this season. One has to wonder if he could make his way to another team via a trade just like last year. He was a tremendous asset to the Renegades’ run last year, and he could potentially make a big difference in another uniform once again.

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