Luis Perez - Arlington Renegades XFL Postseason Fate In His Hands

Projecting The Arlington Renegades 50 Man UFL Roster

The Arlington Renegades shocked the world last season by sneaking into the playoffs and getting hot at the right time to win an XFL Championship. Now, they are running it back post-merger with Bob Stoops and company.

With players reporting for camp today, I felt it was time to throw a wild guess out there as to who will be there for the 50 man roster week 1. Obviously injuries and additions will make these incorrect but it’ll give a good look at where things stand going into camp. Remember this is my opinion, there will be players that I think will be cut that will end up being quality starters in the league. With that being said let jump into my final roster prediction:


Staying: Holton Ahlers, Luis Perez, Lindsey Scott Jr.

Cuts: Drew Plitt

The Renegades quarterback room is currently the vet, in spring football legend Luis Perez, and the challengers to the throne, in Scott Jr. and Ahlers who are rookies and Plitt who is in his 2nd year after a rough time as the week 1 starter last season. Perez is certainly a lock but the question of this room becomes who the other 2 QBs are. For me, Ahlers and Scott Jr. are the ones I’d bet on being there as they were both big offseason additions and Lindsey Scott Jr. was even the top pick in the XFL Dispersal Draft. Nothing against Plitt who I wouldn’t mind as a QB3 here or somewhere else but he’s on the outside looking in for me.

Skill Positions

RB Devin Darrington, Morgan Ellison, De’veon Smith
WR Deontay Burnett, Matt Landers, Javonta Payton, Isaiah Winstead
Slot Caleb Vander Esch, Calvin Jackson
TE Austin Allen, Seth Green, Jared Scott

RB Leddie Brown, Dae Dae Hunter
WR Sy Barnett, Tyler Vaughns, LuJuan Winningham
Slot Charles Hall, Juwan Manigo
TE None

The skill positions are going through a large turnover as the Arlington Renegades look to repeat their success this season. They already let their entire tight end room and WR Brandon Arconado walk. With my prediction I continue that trend as only 3 players on the 53 man roster were on the team last year in Javonta Payton, De’veon Smith, and Caleb Vander Esch. That means I chose XFL Dispersal draft picks Darrington and Ellison over Leddie Brown and receivers like Burnett, Landers, and Winstead over Tyler Vaughns and LuJuan Winningham. I think that the Renegades signaled that they want to overhaul these rooms and this is the way I see it shaking out.

Offensive Line

T Adrian Ealy, Bobby Evans, Garrett McGhin
G Cameron Hunt, Chris Owens, Dru Samia
C Jake Lacina

T Noah Henderson, Teton Saltes, Jordan Steckler
G Marcus Minor, Jake Stetz
C None

The Arlington Renegades last offseason went out and picked up All-USFL talent like Cameron Hunt and Garrett McGhin and this year they are again shooting for the stars with 2 former NFL draft picks in Dru Samia and Bobby Evans and another NFL journeyman in Adrian Ealy. On top of that they once again went to the USFL and picked up former General center Jake Lacina to replace the retiring Brian Folkerts. This means guys like Teton Saltes and Jake Stetz that had playing time last season are on the outside looking in with only 8 offensive lineman on the 50 man roster. This is one of the better offensive lines on paper in the UFL going into training camp.

Defensive Line

Staying: Trevon Coley, Doug Costin, Tomasi Laulile, Roderick Perry, LaRon Stokes,

Cuts: DaVonte Lambert, Jalen Redmond

The defensive line has already gone through some changes with TJ Barnes in DC and Bruce Hector signing a futures deal with the Jets. They added in the XFL dispersal draft 2 players that I view as starters in LaRon Stokes and Roderick Perry then got an NFL vet in Trevon Coley in free agency a few weeks later. That on top of returning Doug Costin and Tomasi Laulile means DaVonte Lambert is on the outside looking in which is one of the harder cuts on the team as a whole. It’ll be interesting to see how this group comes together this season with 2 starting spots vacated.

Edge Rushers

Staying: Vic Beasley, Will Clarke, Tuzar Skipper, Noah Taylor, Willie Taylor III

Cuts: Darrius Morragne, Bumni Rotimi, Jordan Wright

The edge room last year was headlined by rookie sensation Willie Taylor III. Luckily, they were able to get him to come back after a stint in the NFL and they have surrounded him with a bunch of solid pass rushers. The most notable of them is former first round pick Vic Beasley who was overshadowed by defensive player of the year Pita Taumoepenu in Vegas last season but is still one of the more talented rushers at this level. They also traded for Seattle’s top rusher in Tuzar Skipper and signed a rookie in Noah Taylor that had he not injured his knee might’ve been drafted. The last spot went to spring football veteran Will Clarke over Bumni Rotimi which is one I could see going either way.


Staying: Storey Jackson, Marquel Lee, Donald Payne, Christian Sam, Colin Schooler

Cuts: BJ Bello

This offseason has seen the Renegades overturn their linebacker core with the only returning players being Donald Payne and Colin Schooler who had the 1st and 2nd most snaps last year at LB respectfully. The new additions are Christian Sam who was a part of the USFL in 2022 before a knee injury with the Cowboys shut him down for the rest of 2022 into 2023, and 2 NFL players in Marquel Lee who bounced between the Bills and Raiders for the last 6 years and Storey Jackson who was undrafted in 2022 and has been on the Cowboys and Browns since then. The one cut is BJ Bello who was a reserve linebacker for the Philadelphia Stars in 2023.


CB Darren Evans, Ajene Harris, Elijah Hamilton, Delonte Hood, Duron Lowe
S Jamal Carter, Myles Dorn, Jared Mayden, Christian Morgan, Brandon Rusnak

CB Cameron Brown, Nasir Greer, Steven Jones, Jamar Summers
S Tenny Adewusi

No room will look more different this season than the Renegades secondary. Darren Evans is the only player with significant reps last year left. The corner room has a lot of names at the moment with All-XFL CB Ajene Harris being the head liner along with Delonte Hood and Duron Lowe who both were on NFL rosters in 2023, and Elijah Hamilton who wasn’t protected by St. Louis through the dispersal process. At safety they brought back Jamal Carter and Brandon Rusnak who both played some for Arlington last year and they added Myles Dorn and Jared Mayden who both spent multiple years bouncing around the NFL and Christian Morgan who was a Roughneck Rookie Draft pick before the team dissolved. Two vets were cut in Tenny Adewusi who started for San Antonio last year and Jamar Summers as he has been in spring football since the AAF days in 2019.


Staying: K Taylor Russolino, P Marquette King, LS Antonio Ortiz

Cuts: None

The last room is the one that is the most straight forward, The entire specialist room is running it back for 2024. Despite having the oldest room (with Russolino at 34 and King at 35) they decided to not bring in any competition for them in camp. They both have some of the most experience in spring football dating back to the XFL 2020 days where they both were on the Battlehawks which is certainly a part of why they are going unchallenged for the upcoming season.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Renegades are a team that didn’t have as many tough cuts as some others do. The big ones are DL DaVonte Lambert and Bumni Rotimi who both played roles in the championship team last season. That being said, the Renegades still have one of the more solid rosters with only a few spots I could even see additions for (tight end and safety). The biggest question beyond roster cuts is the quarterback room with Perez trying to fight off young QBs that are looking to capture the starting spot. Either way, The Renegades are going to look for lightning to strike twice and they have positioned themselves well to do that in 2024.

What are your thoughts on the Arlington Renegades roster for the UFL season? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!