Now That The XFL Has Been Purchased, What News Will Break First?

Now That The XFL Has Been Purchased, What News Will Break First?

Ever since Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and ex-wife Dany Garcia bought the XFL everyone has been wondering what will be the next big news coming out of the league. We will take a look at this and contemplate a recent social media post by Nick Novac saying XFL team personnel recently viewed a workout he had set up.

Obviously, you cannot have a professional sports league without people actually working for the league and a lot has to happen for the league to even play again. With all contracts cancelled we await big news on hires or re-hires. Many people think the first big news will be the hiring of league executives or team presidents. This makes sense as without heads to make decisions, what decisions can actually be made? Fans want to see the league moving forward and the hiring of an executive would seem to be the logical first step.

Other people are thinking that the league will not broadcast their hirings that quickly and news regarding the teams may be the first big news to hit.  However, it seems from what is being found out most of the leases are now being assumed and that the teams will be remaining where they are for the time being. Any team movement, at least for the short term, seems to be minimal, if any. In any case, it does not look like the new ownership is looking to do any dramatic changes to team locations in the short term.

Outside of league executives, people are waiting on news regarding the head coaches. The league has already lost Pep Hamilton to the NFL and it is clear that not all the coaches will likely return as the league will likely have a different feel from the original league and the owners may want to go  in a different direction with their coaches. While many coaches are still available from McMahon’s time, it is not clear how long they will have to wait on hiring decisions or who would be brought back.

The question of personnel has been fascinating ever since Nick Novac said that XFL teams were involved in a recent scouting workout he had been involved with organizing. It was widely believed that the XFL had cancelled all contracts and had no employees, but this statement clearly makes it seem people are working for the league and doing scouting. We have since confirmed that the XFL has not made any new hires, rather it was a former employee staying ready for a potential return. Who are these people and what is their roll? This is unknown and not sure how or when we will be able to find out specifics of these mystery scouts.

The XFL is starting to come back slowly. It may take some time until big news comes out of the league. Fans will keep guessing as to what this news will be and what is happening behind the scenes. Whenever big news does break many anxious fans will be ready to jump all over it. Let the excitement begin.