New Orleans Breakers vs. Michigan Panthers | Week 8 Preview

New Orleans Breakers vs. Michigan Panthers | Week 8 Preview

The New Orleans Breakers are currently facing the aftermath of a challenging defeat against the Stallions, marking their third consecutive USFL loss following a promising 4-0 start. On the other hand, the Michigan Panthers have encountered ongoing difficulties throughout the season and are eager to reverse their fortunes with a victory in the upcoming match. Both teams find themselves in a critical situation where a win is imperative.

The question remains: which team will emerge victorious? Take a look down below and let’s see the conclusion.

Game Details:

Where to Watch: FOX
Location: Protective Stadium (Birmingham, AL)
Time: Sunday, June 4th, 3:00 PM CDT / 4:00 PM EST

Players to Watch:

New Orleans Breakers

McLeod Bethel Thompson: The recent games have posed challenges for the once highly regarded MVP candidate of the USFL. Over the past three matches, turnovers have been his most notable setback. However, it is anticipated that he will refine his performance and execute accurate plays against the Panthers’ defense.

Wes Hills: Throughout the team’s three-game slump, Hills has predominantly struggled to make an impact. He has been plagued by a recurring issue of fumbles in recent weeks. Nevertheless, it is expected that he will turn the tide and showcase improved performance.

Nevelle Clarke: Although the secondary as a whole has experienced difficulties, Clarke has stood out as a bright spot. With a few interceptions and pass breakups in the past few weeks, Clarke has demonstrated his capability. However, it is crucial for his fellow defenders to step up their game.

Michigan Panthers

Josh Love: Love has encountered challenges throughout the season, yet he has persevered as the Panthers’ quarterback, often having to create opportunities from limited resources. Despite being benched on a couple of occasions, Love remains the key figure in the Panthers’ quarterback lineup due to the team’s lack of alternatives.

Reggie Corbin: Recognized as one of the premier running backs in the league, Corbin’s formidable strength and speed will present a significant challenge for the struggling Breakers’ defense.

Breeland Speaks: The standout performer for the Panthers this season, Speaks has consistently displayed exceptional skills as a sack specialist, even leading the league in this regard. The Breakers’ offensive line will face a formidable task in containing Speaks.

Head Coaches:

John DeFilippo (1st Season): New Orleans Breakers
Mike Nolan (1st Season): Michigan Panthers


Both teams have endured a period of considerable struggle in recent weeks. The New Orleans Breakers seek to break free from a three-game losing streak, while the Michigan Panthers aspire to reach a .500 record. The significance of the upcoming matches is well understood by both sides, as they can’t afford to drop the ball over the remaining three weeks.

With so much at stake, this weekend’s game promises to be another intense battle, reminiscent of the “heavyweight fights” Coach Flip alluded to earlier in the season. With plenty of talent featured on both sides of the football, it will be intriguing to see how New Orleans responds to Michigan’s stout defense.

New Orleans feels like the slight favorite in this game, as their losing streak has to come to an end sooner or later. However, the Panthers are 3-0 on the road, which is remarkable. If Josh Love plays as he did last week, the Breakers might just fall to the .500 mark. Michigan, on the other hand, needs to win in order to pull away from Pittsburgh and New Jersey who can both gain ground.

Who do you think has the edge in this upcoming USFL matchup between the New Orleans Breakers and Michigan Panthers? Which USFL teams do you expect to make an impact? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!