New Orleans Breakers USFL College Draft Grade

New Orleans Breakers USFL College Draft Grade

The USFL hosted its first college draft since 1985 when the first incarnation of the league hosted it. The New Orleans Breakers celebrated Mardi Gras by drafting the rights to 10 college players. We are gonna grade how the Breakers did round by round. Let’s get started!

Round 1 Tyler Scott

The New Orleans Breakers selected Tyler Scott, a speedy WR who played for the Bearcats, as their first pick. He is currently slated to be a late round selection in the NFL for good reason. In his last season at Cincinnati he finished with 899 yds and 9TDs. Coach Flip himself said he wants to play fast and Tyler Scott is fast. This pick earns a solid A-.

Round 2 Noah Taylor

Noah Taylor is a very gritty pick for the Breakers. He is a tackling machine at the Linebacker position. He finished his last season as a member of the Tar Heels where stats slacked off a bit, but he is most known from his days at Virginia where he averaged 28 solo tackles a game! This Pick earns a grade of B+.

Round 3 DJ Ivey

DJ Ivey is a Corner who isn’t afraid to tackle, and coming from a school like THE U you have to know how to tackle no matter the defensive position. One thing, as I stated, I like about Ivey a ton is he isn’t afraid to tackle and he averaged over 20 solo tackles per game. This pick is a solid, flat A grade.

Round 4 Keaton Mitchell

Not to sound like Chris Collinsworth, but here’s a guy who I absolutely like a ton at the RB position. The pattern I see in this draft as I stated earlier is SPEED and MORE SPEED! Like my HSFB coach used to say “Speed Kills” and Mitchell kills you with his speed. This past season alone he had over 1400 yds rushing and 14TDs. He is a good fit for this offense, but I think he’ll be drafted by an NFL team in April. This pick deserves an A+.

Round 5 Isaiah Moore

Wanna talk about a tackling machine then this would be a long conversation when it comes to Isaiah Moore. I don’t need to go into much detail about Moore other than he finished with an eye opening 40 solo tackles in the 2022 season. This pick is an A+.

Round 6 Dante Sills

I like the pick, but I don’t expect Sills to be a Breaker. I expect Dante to be a late round selection in the NFL draft in April. He averaged right around 7 sacks during his time at WV. I have to give this pick a C+ because I do not think he will be a Breaker come April.

Round 7 Darius Hagans

Hagans is an interesting pick. He just competed in the HBCU Combine in New Orleans over the last weekend and he will be playing in the HBCU legacy bowl. Hagans is a power back in ways. A 6’ frame and a solid 210 pounds. I’ll be interested to see how he does if he should make it on the roster. This pick is a solid C+

Round 8 Jake Bobo

Jake Bobo is a nice sized possession WR that I can see going in the 7th round in April, but I can see him suiting up for the Breakers. His senior year for the Bruins was impressive where he totalled over 800 yds catching and bringing in 7 TDs. Solid pick. Gets a B+ grade.

Round 9 Alex Palczewski

I couldn’t find much info stats wise regarding Palczewski, but he was part of the Illinois OL unit that helped pave the way for RB Chase Brown. Palczewski looks to help the Breakers run game that was very vital down the stretch of last season. This pick is a grade of C.

Round 10 Tyler Baker-Williams

The Breakers took another player from the stifling NC State defense. Baker-Williams like his other NC State draftee and also Ivey from THE U, he isn’t afraid to tackle and his stats prove that. Averaging right around 16 solo tackles a game is very impressive for a DB especially these days so I am impressed with what I have seen stats wise and also tape wise. Earns a grade of B+.

Overall Grade: B

How did you think the New Orleans Breakers performed during the 2023 USFL College Draft? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.