New Orleans Breakers vs Birmingham Stallions | Week 3 Preview

New Orleans Breakers: Keys to USFL Playoff Victory

This Sunday is set to be an extraordinary “Sunday Funday” that will truly live up to its name. It promises to be the most highly anticipated game of the year with an incredibly exciting matchup. Both teams have hit their stride at the perfect time, and now the New Orleans Breakers and Birmingham Stallions are ready to face off for the third time this season in prime time. The series between them currently stands at 1-1, adding even more anticipation to this explosive showdown.

Here are the essential details for the game:

  • Date: June 25th
  • Time: 6pm CDT/7PM EST
  • Location: Protective Stadium in Birmingham, Alabama
  • TV Broadcast: FOX

Head Coaches:

  • John DeFilippo: Breakers (1st Year)
  • Skip Holtz: Stallions (2nd Year)

 New Orleans Breakers Players To Watch:

  • McLeod Bethel-Thompson: After experiencing a three-week slump during the season, MBT has regained his form and revitalized the New Orleans passing attack. In recent interviews, he expressed the belief that the Breakers have yet to play their best football and hopes to see them at their peak this weekend.
  • Wes Hills: In the previous matchup, Hills faced difficulties against the Stallions’ run defense. However, in their first encounter, he torched their defense with an impressive performance. If the Breakers want a strong chance at victory, Hills must deliver a solid and impactful run game.
  • Vontae Diggs: Diggs has been making a significant impact on the defensive side of the ball in recent games. He has made crucial tackles and even secured a few interceptions. The Breakers’ defense will need to step up and perform at their best when facing the Stallions’ MVP QB.

New Orleans Breakers Keys to Victory:

  • Contain Alex McGough and prevent him from escaping the pocket and creating plays out of nothing.
  • Limit CJ Marable to under 100 rushing yards.
  • Double-team Jace Sternberger, neutralizing his impact on the game.
  • Control the clock by executing long, methodical drives, which will keep the defense fresh and off the field.
  • Avoid turnovers on the offensive side of the ball.

In summary, one of the Breakers’ primary objectives is to control the clock by orchestrating sustained drives and consistently achieving short-yardage situations. By doing so, they can keep their defense fresh and off the field. Defensively, the Breakers must prevent the Stallions from easily converting first downs or exploiting blown coverages. Notably, the Stallions’ implementation of the old-school T-Formation in short-yardage situations presents a unique challenge. However, if the Breakers can consistently force the Stallions into 3rd-and-long scenarios, they stand a good chance of securing victory. Coach Flip previously declared that he would take down the Stallions twice, and this game presents an opportunity to fulfill that promise made back in February during the Daytona 500.

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