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Need an XFL Team? Here’s Why the BattleHawks are Your Best Bet

Are you looking to follow an XFL team, but the league doesn’t have one in your city? Are you looking for a team with a loud, rowdy and proud fanbase, one admirably passionate about their team? Are you simply a Tampa Bay Vipers fan that would like to see what winning’s like for a change? Well, the XFL is returning yet again in 2022, and now’s the perfect time to unleash your inner bird of prey and become a BattleHawks fan. Below I’ve listed three insightful reasons as to why St. Louis should be your XFL team:

St. Louis has the best branding

Paying homage to the city’s prestigious history in aviation, what name could be cooler than the “BattleHawks”? I’ll tell you, hearing 30,000 people at The Dome scream the name is surreal, even on TV. Like the name, the BattleHawks’ logo hits its mark. Stylish and meaningful, the logo became iconic the moment it was released. If you turn the logo upside-down, you’ll find a neat surprise. Taking a look at the logo’s sword hilt and wings, you’ll find the initials “STL” for St. Louis, a nice little detail. Another interesting bit of detail is the hidden pi symbol in the BattleHawks’ name. The first three digits of pi are 3.14, and the area code for St. Louis is, you guessed it, 314. The amount of time and work that must have been put into the BattleHawks logo is nothing short of mind boggling; you can clearly see the passion and care that was put into every nook and cranny.

St. Louis BattleHawks Easter EggsThe BattleHawks’ uniform creatively wraps the logo around the entire helmet, wings outstretched on both sides and the sword rising up over the center. With its slick design and unique color scheme, you could easily make the argument that the BattleHawks’ uniforms are the best in the league.

St. Louis has the most passionate fanbase

The BattleHawks have a passionate fanbase, and that’s because they have something to fight for. Ever since Stan Kroenke plucked the Rams from St. Louis and moved them back to Los Angeles, fans in the area have been eager to see the gridiron return to their city. After a three-year hiatus, the XFL gave St. Louis and its fans just that, bringing football back to the city’s long empty dome. Fans eager to get back at the Rams and their despised owner came out in droves in support of the BattleHawks, and that’s no understatement. Tens of thousands of fans packed into The Dome, their collective noise deafening with cries of “KaKaw!” and shouts of “Battle!” from one side of the stadium and “Hawks!” from the other. Great costumes from BattleHawks diehards and an electric atmosphere at The Dome provide for an experience like no other. If you’re looking for a team to cheer for at home or at the field, the BattleHawks are definitely the team to watch.

St. Louis has the largest fanbase

Currently the only city in the XFL to not have an NFL team, St. Louis has established itself as the league’s top dog. In nearly every metric: social media following, attendance and merchandise sales, St. Louis reigns supreme. Without competition from the larger NFL, the XFL was able to take full advantage of a heavily unsatiated football market, capitalizing on the bitterness left over from the Rams’ departure. Though a considerable chunk of the XFL’s success in St. Louis came from the city’s resentment towards the Rams, the BattleHawks were able to turn people’s frowns upside down through their dedication to the city, great branding, and some downright amazing play on the field. All these factors came together to create a massive wave of supporters. In week three, St. Louis was able to boast nearly three times the attendance numbers that LA was able to manage, and that figure could be much higher if the BattleHawks make the decision to open The Dome’s upper deck.

So, what are you waiting for? Even with its unparalleled support in the league, the BattleHawks are always looking for new fans to cheer them on.