Mekale McKay: When Will He Get a Shot in the NFL?

Mekale McKay: When Will He Get a Shot in the NFL?

Over the past couple of years, we have seen football players get a second chance in the Alliance of American Football, and the XFL. These spring leagues have been the force players needed to find their way back to the NFL. However, there were plenty of standouts that still have not made it back to the NFL. Mekale McKay is one of those. He has been outstanding over the past couple of years, and absolutely deserves another chance in the NFL.

AAF Recap | San Antonio Commanders

Mekale McKay played for the San Antonio Commanders of the AAF in 2019. They were one of the better teams in the league, boasting a 5-3 record before it got shut down. Throughout those eight weeks of play, McKay was absolutely fantastic for the Commanders. He finished the season with 22 receptions for 375 yards, along with four touchdowns, leading San Antonio’s receiving corps.

McKay comes in at 6’5” and 210lbs, making him a big, strong target for QBs. While the Commanders were one of the better teams, their QB Logan Woodside certainly could have performed better. If San Antonio had a better quarterback, McKay would have most likely seen even more production. After the AAF season was cut short, Mekale McKay was without a job. That’s when the XFL came along.

XFL Recap | New York Guardians

In the XFL’s 2019 draft, Mekale McKay was drafted by the New York Guardians in phase one. Through the XFL’s short five game season, he recorded 12 receptions for 184 yards, and one touchdown. The only NY wide receiver with more yards was Colby Pearson. Because of his combination of size and speed, he was a reliable target for the Guardians, making several impressive catches throughout the year.

While he didn’t see as much production in the XFL as he did in the AAF, New York’s quarterback situation was a disaster for most of the season. Between Matt McGloin, Marquise Williams, and Luis Perez all playing at different points, it was hard for New York’s offense to find a rhythm until Perez officially took over. By the time New York was getting on a roll, the XFL shut down the season due to COVID-19.

While he signed with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL, their season was cancelled as well, so once again he is left without a job because of the pandemic.

Over the last couple of years, McKay has shown why he deserves a chance in the NFL. He shone in both the AAF and XFL, and it would be great to see him make it onto an NFL team. However, if Mekale is still unsigned when the XFL does return, it would make sense to see him come back to the league.

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