Now that all the Coaches have been named, what's next for the XFL?

How the XFL can Create a Memorable Championship Weekend

How can the XFL cap off a great season?  Well, first, putting the 2020 XFL Championship game at a neutral site will be an interesting tactic, to say the least. For example, what if the XFL decided to put the Championship game in Las Vegas?  Why? Well, during that same weekend, the NFL Draft will be taking place in Caesars Palace in downtown Las Vegas.

Now that a market of football fans that the XFL can’t pass up if they aspire of expansion, in my opinion. Like most football fans, we know that the NFL Draft is one of the most anticipated sporting events in the Spring, thousands of fans from around the country will ascend on Sin City.

So how can the XFL capitalize on this?  First off, the majority of NFL fans going to Vegas are there for one thing, and that’s the draft. Now, the XFL targeted fanbase should be towards the minority of those same fans attending the weekend events. The attraction that the XFL can bring to these fans that could potentially join the festivities is entertainment, family-friendly, and affordable!  This method will also work in cities that don’t host NFL Draft but I have three ideas that could attract new fans to a XFL  Championship weekend, no matter the location.

#1:  2020  XFL Award Show Saturday Night 7 pm

With every great season comes great performances, from Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, to Coach of the Year. Season-ending awards are a standpoint of a great season. Some fans, even teams will use these awards as bragging rights towards rivals and social media trolling. Having this event hosted at a local Convention Center or Small Area, which is accessible for XFL fans to attend,  for example, WWE Hall of Fame. This type of award show could put a new spotlight on a growing league that non-XFL fan can adapt to, and potentially even attracted them to buy tickets to Sundays Championship Game.

Shows like NFL Awards on NFL Network, ESPY’s, and the Heisman Trophy Show on ESPN draw solid TV ratings at seasons, yes, these leagues have bigger audiences but that should not stop the XFL. The league can pursue a show of this concept at seasons end, or on the same weekend as the Championship games because America loves a good comeback story. Having it on Fox or one of the XFL TV partners will be added help and besides, I will love to watch this show for Championship weekend.

#2:  An NFL Fan Experience style event!

The XFL Experience aspect will be an option to bring into Championship weekend for community and youth building. This can be a proper way for the introduction to the XFL game to new fans and kids that have aspirations to play the game. These fans’ experiences are full of great content, from local food venues, local entertainment, and additional events like 5k Runs, to  Youth Flag Football Tournaments. The XFL should focus on the fans at this type of event, adding current players and personalities can introduce the XFL game to a bigger crowd.

An XFL Experience at Neutral Site stadium during the Championship Weekend could be a great testing site for future team expansion. The interaction between the league and the communities associated with such an event can spark the beginning of an early phase of a new XFL Foundation.

#3: Keep Cheap Tickets for Walk Ups:

One key aspect that the league has capitalized on is the vocal focus on keeping the game affordable to families. The XFL Championship game should follow the same method as the eight league franchises. With the cheapest tickers around $20 for regular-season games. It will be crucial for the league to keep the same selling points for its Championship Game. If indeed, the XFL decides to put the Championship Game at a neutral site, this same selling model should continue and target a new crowd which will roughly be about 20% of ticket sales for a neutral site game. These will be causal/ walk-ups fans that are not associated with the two representing teams and could be just curios fans of the league or just football fans.

One aspect the XFL can add to this Championship game that can attract more fans to a neutral site game can fall right in Vince McMahon wheelhouse. That is putting on a Halftime Show, which we XFL fans know, that Vince Mchaman knows how to put on a show. McMahon’s influence in the entertainment industry can be enticing for any artist. Mchaman can attract stars like Tyler Perry, Imagine Dragons, and Lil Wayne, which he worked with before in the WWE.  This element will add to the legitimacy to the new XFL brand and the concert will add to higher TV ratings, higher ticket sales in which the league can build on.

If the XFL decides to put a Championship game at a neutral site. We know what the league will have a plan and a market-style to capture a new audience to its new location.   No matter where the game is being held, we here at XFLnewsroom will be on location.