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Hindsight is 2020: Rating Every Starting XFL Quarterback

With the 2020 XFL season completely said and done, I think now’s as good a time as ever to review each team’s primary starting quarterback. A lot of the hype surrounding certain quarterbacks turned out to be justified, and at the same time, a lot of others turned out to be busts. Some QBs made fans turn their eyes and others made fans roll them. With no one having XFL experience prior to the season (obviously), that’s to be expected. After reviewing the league statistics and taking a trip down memory lane through the game footage, I’ve put together a ranking system to articulate which teams made the right choice with their QBs and which didn’t.  You know what they say: Hindsight is 20/20.

(Rushing statistics will only be shown for quarterbacks who put up significant numbers.)

Taylor Cornelius – Tampa Bay Vipers


  • Total Passing Yards: 858
  • Completion Percentage: 63%
  • Yards Per Attempt: 7
  • Yards Per Completion: 11


  • Total Rushing Yards: 114
  • Yards Per Attempt: 6.7

Throughout the history of the gridiron, throughout the nation, there is a name that instills terror within the hearts of the most fearsome adversaries. A name emphatically detested by all who challenge the might of the Tampa Bay Vipers. That name… is “Corn Dog.” The legend of Taylor Cornelius does not kick off in grandeur. In fact, his story began with a disastrous start in week two. But week after week, after the Vipers lost game after game, Corn Dog honed his craft, patiently waiting in the shadows for his time to strike. In week four he found his moment. Sensing weakness within his prey, Corn Dog struck the unsuspecting Defenders, securing a huge upset victory and instilling pride within his team. This great moment for the Vipers was then immediately ruined by a loss to the Wildcats, just as abruptly as this paragraph ends.

My rating: B+
Nickname rating: A++

Josh Johnson – Los Angeles Wildcats


  • Total Passing Yards: 1076
  • Completion Percentage: 60%
  • Yards Per Attempt: 8
  • Yards Per Completion: 13.3

After an uninspired loss against the Roughnecks in week one, the arrival of Josh Johnson was a breath of fresh air for Los Angeles. Though he lost his first start against the Renegades, Johnson bounced back to completely destroy the Defenders in week three. In his start against DC, Johnson threw for three touchdowns with a 72% completion percentage, earning himself a mind-boggling 148 quarterback rating for the game. He threw an additional six touchdowns over his next two games, though he only wound up winning one. Johnson was an exceptional passer who led his team back to respectability when most thought LA’s season was all but over.

My rating: A+

Cardale Jones – DC Defenders


  • Total Passing Yards: 674
  • Completion Percentage: 54%
  • Yards Per Attempt: 6
  • Yards Per Completion: 11

Through his consistency and skill, Cardale Jones powered the Defenders to an electric 2-0 start to the season. Jones posted a 62% completion percentage in his first two starts, along with four touchdowns, throwing just one interception. DC was poised to dominate their division and they had the right man to lead them to the championship. That’s when disaster struck. Cardale Jones made the fateful decision to see the Sonic the Hedgehog film…

The moment after he saw the movie, all semblance of the old Cardale vanished in an instant. In his next start against Los Angeles, Jones threw four interceptions with only 13 completions, earning himself a ghastly 20.7 quarterback rating for the game. You may be asking, dear reader, how is it possible for a children’s animated picture to ruin someone’s football career? Well, it’s not. It is fun to joke about, though. While he never bounced back to his previous form, Cardale Jones nevertheless made a big impact on the league, the first quarterback to ever score points in this year’s XFL.

My rating: C+

Landry Jones –  Dallas Renegades


  • Total Passing Yards: 784
  • Completion Percentage: 70%
  • Yards Per Attempt: 6.6
  • Yards Per Completion: 9.4

At the offset of the 2020 season, Landry Jones found himself at the forefront of the XFL. Big expectations had been thrusted on his shoulders. As the first player signed by the league, the spotlight shone directly on him and there was hope in Dallas that he would bring the city a championship. Did he live up to expectations? Not entirely. Jones had a fantastic completion percentage but was extremely prone to interceptions, leading the league at seven. Landry also fell victim to the injury bug, suffering a knee injury against Houston in week four. Though he didn’t live up to the hype, Jones still put up solid performances in his starts and made some exciting plays that will leave fans talking for years; most notably the time he caught his own deflected pass and went on to throw it again for a first down.

My rating: B

Matt McGloin – New York Guardians


  • Total Passing Yards: 310
  • Completion Percentage: 53%
  • Yards Per Attempt: 5.3
  • Yards Per Completion: 10

Matt McGloin kicked off his XFL career with a convincing win against the Vipers. McGloin contributed by scoring the XFL’s first scrambling touchdown, the first points out of the Guardians’ game total of 23. Though he initially looked to be a member of the XFL’s upper echelon of quarterbacks, the following weeks were all downhill for the former Oakland Raider. McGloin’s performance against the Defenders was in stark contrast to how he played in week one, scoring no points with an abysmal 44% completion percentage. Though he played considerably better against the Battlehawks, McGloin was forced to leave the game as the result of an injury. Week three marked the end of Matt McGloin’s role as starting quarterback and with the premature end to the XFL season, he wasn’t given the chance to play again.

My rating: C-

Brandon Silvers – Seattle Dragons


  • Total Passing Yards: 539
  • Completion Percentage: 52%
  • Yards Per Attempt: 5.3
  • Yards Per Completion: 10.2

The XFL’s first quarterback to ever play was named Silvers. There’s a tinge of irony in that. What’s not so ironic is that he had a tendency of losing. Starting against the Defenders in week one, Silvers put up an overall serviceable performance. Though the Dragons still lost, Silvers still threw for three touchdowns, his pass to Austin Proehl being the league’s first. Week two went extremely poor for Silvers, but with the opposing Vipers somehow faring even worse, the Dragons were able to come out of the game with a win. Silvers didn’t fare much better in the following weeks, eventually getting benched in week four in favor of BJ Daniels.

My rating: C

Jordan Ta’amu – St. Louis BattleHawks


  • Total Passing Yards: 1050
  • Completion Percentage: 72%
  • Yards Per Attempt: 7.8
  • Yards Per Completion: 10.8


  • Total Rushing Yards: 217
  • Yards Per Attempt: 5.3

Jordan Ta’amu was indisputably the biggest dual threat during the XFL’s 2020 season. Showing his skill both in and out of the pocket, the Throwin’ Samoan made his presence known to each and every one of his opponents. Though he wasn’t first in passing yards, Ta’amu had the best completion percentage by far, sitting at an impressive 72%. Ta’amu was an absolute beast in the running game, posting more rushing yards than any player had on the Defenders, the Dragons or the Wildcats. Ta’amu made a few critical mistakes, most notably his interception against the Roughnecks, but they were few and far between. Every one of his performances were solid, making him a strong leader for a strong team.

My rating: A+

PJ Walker – Houston Roughnecks


  • Total Passing Yards: 1338
  • Completion Percentage: 65%
  • Yards Per Attempt: 7.3
  • Yards Per Completion: 11.2


  • Total Rushing Yards: 99
  • Yards Per Attempt: 4.1

When you think of the most influential players of the XFL’s 2020 season, let alone quarterbacks, it’s hard not to think of PJ Walker. Walker dominated the league in nearly every passing metric and was top of the line in every facet. Under his watch, Houston’s offense was all but unstoppable, scoring no less than 27 points each game and losing none. Walker led quarterbacks in touchdowns, passing yards and completions, which led many to consider him the “face of the XFL.” Whether you agree with that or not, Walker was undeniably the king of the XFL’s passing game, leading him to find a lucrative contract with the Carolina Panthers.

My rating: A+

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