Creating Suspense; The argument for delayed team identities

Creating Suspense; The argument for delayed team identities

Last week we reported on the possibility that the XFL would be unveiling the team identities for all of it franchises this week. Unfortunately, the information we received didn’t pan out as expected. Earlier this week we spoke to a league representative around the alleged scouting event in the Netherlands, during which we decided to use that time to see if we could get some clarification.

No specifics, but we’re told that we will know when they are going to be announced; it’s not going to be a surprise. The league will make the date known when they are ready to release. This will most definitely add to the frustrations, but I want to make the argument that the wait is not all a bad thing.

One quick item that we should bring up before we jump into this is that the AAF didn’t reveal their identities until September 25th. The XFL is trying to learn from their past mistakes and those of other failed spring leagues. The Alliance rushed to market to beat the XFL, and it didn’t work out they way they had planned.

When it all boils down, team identities are important; but the most important piece happens on the field. The league has just wrapped up an eight city Summer Showcase tour. During which they were scouting players and finalizing their rule book; which is due to be complete by end of summer. Beyond signing players for the draft, the league is also assembling front and back office staff. This includes Marketing and Business hires that aren’t discussed as much as the coaching staffs.

To do this roll-out correctly the league is going to need all the right people in the right places to execute. I am fully on board with the approach as well. There would be nothing worse than having great names/logos, but having a horrible football experience. It sounds like the league knows the names, there’s a lot that needs to happen behind the scenes before they can be officially released.

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” – Oscar Wilde

Regardless of the sentiment from the online community, the XFL has people talking. There’s no such thing as bad press. The wait is also building suspense. Everyday people are checking social media and news outlets to see if there is any more information. If you ask me, this is nothing but good for the league.

I fully believe we will learn the identities when the league is 100% ready to tell us. As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of things that need to happen before we hear anything. Trademarks, logo design, a/b testing, communications…. the list goes on.

We’re back to wondering when we’ll hear the announcement, but rest assured they are coming. And when they do, I think that all XFL fans will be happy with what we see. Just keep in mind, slow and steady wins the race.