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Breaking Down UFL TV Ratings From Week Three

The numbers are in: the UFL TV ratings are here from week three, and they are once again an encouraging sign for the league’s longevity.

UFL TV Ratings From Week Three:

Arlington vs. DC: 534,000 (ESPN)
Birmingham vs. Memphis: 837,000 (FOX)
Michigan vs. Houston: 974,000 (ABC)
San Antonio vs. St. Louis: 1.023M (ABC)

UFL TV Ratings Analysis

Starting with ESPN’s game on Saturday, the numbers for ESPN are down a bit. This is the lowest rating the channel has gotten this season so far. It had some competition with the Ohio State Buckeyes spring game, and also was going up against the Masters on CBS during the final stretch.

FOX stays about the same, at 837,000. These primetime games on FOX have consistently gotten between 600-900k both with the USFL, and now the UFL. The game between Birmingham and Memphis was going up against the NHL playoffs on ABC.

ABC had a back to back double header on Sunday, and performed well. ABC was able to crack one million viewers for the first time this year, after posting 918,000 viewers last week. Overall, these numbers are staying consistent across the board, which is something that UFL executives should be pleased with.

Looking Back

Week three of the UFL averaged 842,000 viewers. This is up from the viewership in the USFL and XFL for the same respective times:

XFL 2023 Week 3: 571,000 average
USFL 2023 Week 3: 598,000 average

Clearly, the emphasis the UFL put on OTA networks this year (i.e. FOX, ABC) has bolstered the TV ratings into what should be a viable league moving forward.

What are your thoughts on these UFL TV Ratings from week three? Which channels should improve moving forward? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!


  1. FYI the AR week 2 game got 908k, not 918k

    These numbers are good 842k avg wk2 845k wk 3 virtual no chg…

    Having said that ESPN unerperformed by 110-200k easy and Fox by 40-120k. I was more concerned with Fox having two vey small markets than ESPN, but the 2 big markets really didn’t do well on ESPN despite that great finish.

    This was also the first time the UFL went up against any sort of traditional FB of any kind. The Ohio St spring game was on Fox at noon time slot as AR v DC was on at 1pm.

    This may impact UFL more than any other sport (well within reason). It will be curious to see what the Mich Spring game does against ABC’s UFL 12:30 game this Saturday.

    Also – tracking what teams have the best and worst TV viewership (which is not exact science since times and nets arent same) will be interesting. So far StL and Mich games are avg almost 1.1 mm each Birm about 100k less and 900k for SA games. The regionalization will make those games harder to determine.

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