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Breaking Down UFL TV Ratings From Week Ten

Just like that, the regular season is complete. UFL Week Ten is in the books, and on queue, the TV Ratings are in.


UFL TV Ratings From Week Ten:

Birmingham vs. Michigan (ESPN): 754,000
St. Louis vs. San Antonio (FOX): 836,000
DC vs. Arlington (ABC): 893,000
Memphis vs. Houston (FOX): 649,000

Numbers provided courtesy of Sports Illustrated/Fan Nation.

UFL TV Ratings Analysis

Across the board, the UFL TV Ratings remained pretty steady on each respective platform. With the playoffs having already been set, we weren’t expecting incredible numbers this weekend. The good news is that the audience for every game stayed consistent with what we’ve seen for the most part.

FOX’ primetime slot on Sunday night saw just 649,000 – which is one of the lowest ratings the channel has posted this season. That said, it was the “Tank Bowl” between the 1-8 Roughnecks and 1-8 Showboats. The game peaked with over 1.1M viewers during the final minutes, which is what you love to see.

DC and Arlington weren’t playing for anything other than bragging rights, but an entertaining matchup that came down to the final snaps captured the eyes of almost 900k. For a 12pm ET start time on Sunday, that’s not bad at all. The UFL on ESPN has been strong all year, and showed growth on their platforms compared to a season ago with the XFL.

While there is room for growth, the UFL has proven that it can compete with other major sports in the spring scene. For us to have gotten through ten weeks of action, without any serious drop offs, is a great sign. For the league to be successful in seasons to come, sustainability is key. Whereas in the XFL and USFL we saw dramatic ups and downs from week to week, the UFL has been steady: which is hopefully a sign of a strong future ahead.

Compared To Last Year

Even though there weren’t any major storylines this weekend outside of St. Louis and San Antonio fighting for home field advantage, week ten in the UFL crushed the USFL/XFL from a year ago.

USFL 2023 Week 10: 438,000 average
XFL 2023 Week 10: 562,000 average
UFL 2024 Week 10: 783,000 average

This weekend will pose a tremendous opportunity for the UFL. With two postseason games on tap – on OTA networks – the ratings should be solid for these matchups. Truthfully, both games should be able to garner over 1M viewers. Time will tell, but hopefully the excitement for the playoffs brings in a larger audience.

What are your thoughts on the UFL TV Ratings from week 10? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. James – need to disagree here. The FOX XFL Championship is going to over lap game 3 of the NBA finals. Based on prior seasons – expect a bloodbath. I’m thinking 550k, if they hit 700k I’ll be real happy.

  2. I think you overestimate how many people will be watching Game 3 of the NBA Finals. A game that, unless one team is in the process of sweeping the other, means very little in the end other then breaking a 1-1 tie if the teams split wins in the first 2 games. The Finals don’t start picking up momentum until game 4 and ratings tend to show that. Besides that, the UFL audience and the NBA audience are probably different enough where it won’t effect either too much. I agree with the writer that both games should top a million viewers.

    1. Take a better look at UFL vs NBA playoff games and what the NBA Finals draw. After doing that I think you’ll think differently – look at 2023 USFL too.

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