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Breaking Down UFL TV Ratings From Week Six

The UFL delivered another entertaining weekend of football to those who tuned in. The good news: according to the TV Ratings that just dropped today, there were plenty of football fans who turned their TV’s onto UFL action this weekend.

UFL TV Ratings From Week Six:

Memphis vs. Birmingham (ABC): 956,000
St. Louis vs. Houston (FOX): 829,000
Michigan vs. Arlington (FOX): 929,000
DC vs. San Antonio (FOX): 1.22M

UFL TV Ratings Analysis

ABC’s early game on Saturday between Memphis and Birmingham saw a respectable 956,000 – which is on par for what ABC typically gets. Given the fact that this game was a blowout, and that it’s a 12pm ET start time, this is a solid showing for ABC again.

FOX saw their numbers improve this week. In week five, things took a dip due to a regional broadcast. This time around, FOX has cracked 1 million viewers for the first time since opening weekend – with 1.2M during their showing of DC vs. San Antonio.

In addition, Michigan vs. Arlington peaked at 1.5M towards the end of the game, right as Jake Bates nailed a game winner.

St. Louis was surprisingly the lowest game of the week, but this is likely due to Houston being one of the least viewed markets so far.

Overall, it was a positive week for the UFL. Their TV Ratings continue to produce at a stable rate – and in some cases, are seeing growth.

Compared To Last Year

Not surprisingly, the UFL is crushing it compared to the numbers that the XFL and USFL had a season ago:

USFL Week Six Averages: 452,000
XFL Week Six Averages: 635,000
UFL Week Six Averages: 983,500

Next week, the UFL will feature three games on ESPN – which is a cable channel. ESPN’s performance has been excellent this year, but across the board, expect the averages to be down compared to the four OTA outings this week.

What are your thoughts on the UFL TV Ratings from week six? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!