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Breaking Down UFL TV Ratings From Week Seven

The UFL has successfully completed seven weeks of football. Every Tuesday, the TV Ratings are released from the weekend’s action, so let’s take a look at how the UFL fared.

UFL TV Ratings From Week Seven

Arlington vs. Memphis (ESPN): 586,000
Birmingham vs. St. Louis (FOX): 758,000
DC vs. Michigan (ESPN): 665,000
Houston vs. San Antonio (ESPN): 572,000

UFL TV Ratings Analysis

Starting with the lone FOX outing of the week, the Birmingham Stallions vs. St. Louis Battlehawks – arguably the most exciting game of the year, only saw an audience of 758k.

Now, this is up from the same FOX slot a season ago between Birmingham and New Orleans. That said, this matchup had quite a bit of hype given it being a Championship preview. Many of us were expecting a higher rating for this one.

There was some competition. This matchup went up against game four of the Thunder vs. Mavericks playoff series in the NBA, which aired on ABC. While it peaked at 1.4M from 7-7:15pm ET, this is largely due to the game running into the MLB outing up next.

FOX had stronger numbers a week ago, though, so it’s unfortunate to see the dip during such an important affair.

ESPN, on the other hand, saw a dip as well. Two of their matchups didn’t top 600k, with DC-Michigan being the top viewed UFL game on the channel this week at 665k. Michigan tends to do well in the TV Ratings for the UFL, so it makes sense to see them be the top dogs in that one.

With the competition from the NBA this week, Mother’s Day, and three games being on cable (ESPN), it isn’t a surprise to see a lower audience compared to week six. That said, there is certainly room for improvement.

Compared To Last Year

Looking back at week seven in the USFL and XFL in 2023, the UFL is doing quite well:

XFL Week Seven: 350,000 average
USFL Week Seven: 347,000 average
UFL Week Seven: 645,300 average

Considering the UFL playoffs are almost already set, we shouldn’t expect ratings to blow us away the next few weeks. We might not get another 1M+ performance until the postseason begins.

What are your thoughts on UFL TV Ratings from week seven? Which games did you watch? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!