Breaking Down UFL TV Ratings From Week Four

Breaking Down UFL TV Ratings From Week Four

Week four in the UFL is in the books, which means that TV ratings have arrived. It was another entertaining weekend of football, and the numbers have stayed pretty consistent, which is encouraging to see.

UFL TV Ratings From Week Four:

St. Louis Battlehawks vs. Memphis Showboats: 954,000 (ABC)
Houston Roughnecks vs. Arlington Renegades: 243,000 (FS1)

UFL TV Ratings Analysis

Week four of the UFL opened up with a matchup on ABC between St. Louis and Memphis. The Battlehawks fans have consistently made their team one of the most viewed of the season so far, and week four was no different. ABC stays relatively consistent at 954,000 for this game, down a small % from 974,000 and 1.02M last week.

The regional broadcast is where things get interesting. FOX had two games going on at the same time, with Birmingham vs. DC, and San Antonio vs. Memphis. The total average viewership for those matchups, combined, was 951,000 – which is up from FOX’ averages for the USFL last year. With four markets tuning in at the same time, it made sense to see a slight increase.

What made things a bit difficult for this broadcast, as well, is the fact that a rain delay occurred in Birmingham prior to halftime. This led to that game finishing on FS1, and one would assume that some fans turned their TV’s off when FOX flipped over to San Antonio vs. Michigan due to the delay.

For the UFL’s first stab at a regional broadcast, this is a promising sign. The league will feature two more instances of this setup in week five, and also in week nine.

Finally, FS1’s game on Sunday between Houston and Arlington notched just 243,000 viewers. This one isn’t much of a surprise, since USFL games on FS1 last year averaged just 290,000 per game. With two 0-3 teams going at it, the expectations weren’t too high for this outing going into it. On the plus side, FS1 will not feature any more UFL matchups this year, barring any last minute changes.

Final Thoughts

Across the board, the UFL TV Ratings have stayed consistent from week to week. There’s clearly a cap on the general viewership for spring football, but the floor has stayed the same. Outside of FS1’s low outing, there haven’t been any major drop offs.

Stability in your TV audience is what can make or break a sports league. For the UFL to maintain their numbers four weeks into the season gives hope that we will see future seasons.

UFL Week Four Averages: 716,000 per game
XFL Week Four Averages: 502,000 per game
USFL Week Four Averages (2023): 989,000 per game*

*Last year’s USFL week four numbers were an anomaly, with two million tuning into a primetime NBC USFL matchup with a lead in for the Kentucky Derby.

Next week’s UFL slate will feature three games on FOX (with a regional split on Saturday night), and one on ESPN.

What are your thoughts on UFL TV Ratings from week four? Is this a good sign for the longevity of this league? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!