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Breaking Down UFL TV Ratings: Conference Championships

The Conference Championships in the UFL are complete, and the TV Ratings are in. As for the numbers themselves, they’re incredibly encouraging, especially compared to the playoffs in the USFL and XFL a season ago.

UFL TV Ratings From Playoffs:

Birmingham Stallions vs. Michigan Panthers (ABC): 1,100,000
St. Louis Battlehawks vs. San Antonio Brahmas (FOX): 1,274,000

TV Ratings were reported first by Sports Illustrated/Fan Nation.

UFL TV Ratings Analysis

Across the board, these TV Ratings have to leave UFL executives extremely pleased. First up, the USFL Conference Championship which was played at 3pm ET on Saturday averaged 1.1M in viewership, which is well above what ABC averaged this season.

This game went back and forth, which certainly kept viewers entertained. The UFL was also competing with multiple MLB events and other sports outings throughout the day:

On the flip side, the primetime XFL Conference Championship matchup on FOX did even better. Despite going head to head with the NBA Finals, the San Antonio Brahmas win over the St. Louis Battlehawks averaged 1.274M. This is the highest rating we’ve seen in the UFL, since the opening weekend which included St. Louis vs. Michigan (1.319M).

FOX has had some ups and downs over the years with the USFL when it comes to the TV Ratings – so it’s excellent to see them remain so consistent, and strong, down the stretch of this season. The Battlehawks were one of the most-watched teams in 2024, so it makes sense that this matchup had excellent viewership.

Compared To Last Year

The USFL and XFL saw much lower TV Ratings for their semi-finals a season ago.

USFL 2023 Playoffs (FOX/NBC): 905,000 average
XFL 2023 Playoffs (ESPN): 576,000 average
UFL 2024 Playoffs (ABC/FOX): 1.187M average

Clearly, the leagues coming together have made spring football into a much more viable platform. The synergy between ABC/ESPN and FOX has been pivotal in moving the scene forward, and these playoff’s have proven that the UFL is likely here to stay.

The Championship game between Birmingham and San Antonio will be played on Sunday, starting at 5pm ET on FOX.

What are your thoughts on these UFL TV Ratings? Which playoff games did you tune into? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!