Brahmas Defensive Coordinator Will Reed Talks UFL Opportunity

Brahmas Defensive Coordinator Will Reed Talks UFL Opportunity

One of the new faces in the UFL this year is Will Reed, who has taken over as the Defensive Coordinator for the San Antonio Brahmas. There were plenty of coaching shuffles due to the merger, and former Roughnecks DC Brian Stewart took a new job at Middle Tennessee State, leaving an opening on Wade Phillips’ staff.

Will Reed is one of the first people that Wade went to, and it was a no brainer for Reed to take this job. The two had previously spent time with each other back in 2010, as Reed interned under Phillips with the Dallas Cowboys.

That relationship continued throughout the last 14 years, and now Will finds himself back in the professional scene in the UFL. It made sense for Reed and Phillips to team up again, given the camaraderie they maintained leading up to this point.

“I got a call from Coach Wade, we’ve kept up over the years, and we have some mutual friends in common. To be honest with you, Wade has had a lot to do with my growth in this profession. Even though I wasn’t with him on a daily basis, I admired him. If I had questions, I’d go to him and ask those questions. And when I was around him, I was able to soak up the knowledge. When he called me with this opportunity, it was something I couldn’t turn down.”

Prior to joining the UFL, Reed had been coaching at Southern Arkansas University. He’s been an Assistant Head Coach & Defensive Coordinator for the past decade-plus at the collegiate level. With the UFL giving him an opportunity to return to professional football, Reed immediately said yes.

“Quite frankly, I was kind of shocked when I got the call. Matter of fact, the day that he called me, I was on the road recruiting. I was trying to find a coach at the school I was at. I saw that Wade was calling me as I was trying to find another phone number, so I picked up and then he told me about the job and offered it to me. So it all went from there.”

Getting adjusted to the United Football League has been relatively easy for Will. It’s been a smooth process from top to bottom, and he’s grateful to be in a league with so much talent – both on and off the field.

“It hasn’t been a hard adjustment. It’s been fairly easy. In college, you know, you have to worry about ‘is this guy in class?’, or ‘is he studying?’, or ‘what is he doing after hours?’. Here at the professional level, if you do a good job of acquiring talented players who are also good people, then the off the field stuff doesn’t become a problem. That’s what we have right now. It’s made it a seamless transition for me.”

Speaking of acquiring talented players, that’s exactly what the San Antonio Brahmas have done all offseason. For Coach Reed, things have gone well in Training Camp so far, and he’s been impressed with what he’s seen on the field.

“It’s been a great camp. We’ve stayed relatively healthy, so that was good. We saw some great competition. I’ll tell you what, each week the competition got better. Every time we had to make cuts, it was tough. It didn’t happen real easily. We let go of some guys who were really good players. But the ones that we kept we felt were the right fit, guys that are going to help us be the team that we want to be this year.”

Across the board, the Brahmas are stacked defensively. They’ve retained some key players from the XFL last year, but have also brought in free agents and other spring football stars who will certainly make an impact.

Reed addressed some of the standouts in camp, highlighting the depth they have in each position group.

“Our D-Line is an interesting group. They’re a bunch of guys who are younger and have a lot of talent. Caeveon Patton is one who definitely stands out. He’s very versatile. He can play inside, at times you can probably put him outside as an end. Another talented individual is Delontae Scott. Very athletic, and a good pass rusher. He still hasn’t gotten even near his ceiling yet. That’s the great thing about working with this group. No one is tapped out. Also can’t leave out my guy Jordan Williams. He’s high energy each day, and he works his tail off.”

Throughout Training Camp, this group has put in a lot of quality work, which isn’t going unnoticed. Reed pointed out that the entire franchise is locked in mentally, and that mentality is showing itself on the field.

“Our General Manager Marc Lillibridge did a great job of putting together a talented group. There’s a lot of talent in this league. The one thing that stood out to me, being in our building, is that we have a bunch of true pros. They’re dedicated to this, and their minds are in the right place. Their focus is in the right place. That makes it enjoyable each day.”

Enjoying the UFL is something Will Reed is getting accustomed to more and more every day. He joked about his former Head Coach visiting him last week at camp, saying that it would be tough to go back after his experience so far in the United Football League.

“My former head coach from Southern Arkansas came to practice last week, and asked me if I missed it. I said ‘nah, not really. I’m enjoying this a little too much.’”

Clearly, Will Reed is making the most of this new venture with the Brahmas. It’s an exciting time for San Antonio football fans, as their team features some of the best talent in all of spring football. That 3-7 record is long in the past: from top to bottom, this organization is brand new, and it starts with the additions of quality pieces such as Coach Reed.

The San Antonio Brahmas kick off their season at home on March 31st, hosting the DC Defenders at 12pm ET on ESPN.

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