Back In The Game: St. Louis Welcomes Return Of Battlehawks | UFL Championship

Back In The Game: St. Louis Welcomes Return Of Battlehawks

The return of the UFL‘s St. Louis Battlehawks this spring holds immense significance for the city of St. Louis, marking a revival of football fervor in a city that has long been known for its passionate sports culture.

After the departure of the St. Louis Rams for Los Angeles, the city was left without an NFL team, leaving a void in the hearts of football fans. However, since the arrival of the Battlehawks in 2019, St. Louis-ians have once again found a team to rally behind and support.

Pro Football In St. Louis

St. Louis has always been recognized as a great sports city, with dedicated and enthusiastic fans who are eager to support their teams. The response to the Battlehawks has been overwhelmingly positive, with fans embracing the team and demonstrating their unwavering support through tailgating festivities and efforts to “fill the Dome” with as many fans as possible. The 2023 XFL season was an example of their remarkable success, averaging over 35,000 fans per game.

Under the leadership of head coach Anthony Becht, the Battlehawks are poised to make a strong return to the field. As a founding member of the XFL Conference within the United Football League (UFL), the team represents a new era of professional football in St. Louis. Founded by Vince McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment and owned-and-operated by Dwayne Johnson’s Alpha Acquico and Fox Corporation, the Battlehawks bring a fresh energy to the city’s sports scene.

Playing their home games at The Dome at America’s Center, the Battlehawks have already established an impressive franchise regular season record of 10–5 (.667), boasting the third highest win percentage among UFL teams as of the 2024 season. With the first games set to kick off on March 30th, anticipation is running high as fans eagerly await the return of football action to the city’s stadiums.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the resurgence of the St. Louis Battlehawks represents not only a welcome return of professional football to the city but also a testament to the enduring passion and dedication of St. Louis sports fans. As the team prepares to take the field once again, the entire city is rallying behind them, ready to cheer them on to victory and celebrate the return of football to St. Louis.

What are your thoughts on the Battlehawks return to St. Louis? Will the team hit 50,000 fans at a game this year? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. I don’t think the Battlehawks will hit 50K fans this year at a single game, but I do believe they will surpass last years’ high mark.

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