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A Letter to the XFL

The XFL has been a big part of my life recently. It got me into writing and journalism, and for that I am forever grateful.

It’s bittersweet to be writing about what seems to me like the beginning of the end. The XFL connected me with so many great people. I still have those peers and friends, but ever since that last snap there has been something missing. It feels like a ghost town.

When Dany Garcia, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and RedBird Capital announced they had purchased the league I was ecstatic. The something that I felt was missing was apparently back.

Fast forward a year and all we have is a delayed start, a 50% off XFL Shop sale, and a whole lot of disappointment. I probably speak for a lot of fans when I say this, but what went wrong? Does nobody want to work for the XFL? Was the ownership group too good to be true? Time will tell.

The XFL didn’t just rekindle my love for football, they rekindled Saint Louis’s love for the game; especially after the Rams relocation. I constantly find myself waiting for the next announcement. Hoping that soon Kaw will be the law once again, but with that constant waiting comes constant disappointment.

The XFL had a great social media presence. I’d love to go back to the days when after a bad day at school to see Bailey Carlin posted a new meme on the league accounts. I miss those days.

Finally, in the off chance someone from the league is reading this, I wanted to ask, what is next? What’s the future of the XFL? Please, let us know….

  1. Keep hope alive. You are not alone there are millions of XFL fans waiting patiently for some news .
    My gut tells me that we should be hearing something soon. St Louis, Oakland, San Diego all deserve pro teams. Of course the same can be said regarding Birmingham, Orlando, and San Antonio.
    Regardless of whether the XFL makes a come-back or not, a new league is going to emerge in the US in the not too distant future. The markets are there, we just need the people with the money and vision to make it happen.

  2. Agreed. Only football I have enjoyed in a long time. I hope it comes back. Not some other league, but the xfl!

  3. I felt like the xfl was a huge success last time. Lockdowns killed the league. I hope it makes a comeback and I wouldn’t mind a xfl/cfl merger. The rules including PAT kept the game very interesting too. Even if it ended up being a D league type thing for the NFL I think it could still succeed

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