An Early Look at How the USFL Schedule is Taking Shape

4 and 0 & Kicking Woes

Week four has come and gone in the inaugural season of the USFL, it is becoming more and more obvious who the elite teams are.

The Birmingham Stallions have managed to start their season 4-0 remaining the only undefeated team.

Teams like the Generals and Stars are on a hot streak where as teams like the Maulers are struggling to find any success. Overall is was a weekend full of excitement and entertainment. 

While stars rise throughout the league it seems like we have a problem in the kicking department. Teams seem to be struggling to make extra points and field goals. Multiple teams have already replaced their kickers in hopes to fix their problems.

We assumed taking the chip out of the kicking balls would have solved the problem but that is far from the case. This being said, it hasn’t been all bad with the kickers from New Orleans and Houston both hitting form over 50 while coincidentally both being replacements of their respective teams. 

It’s also becoming evident that teams are struggling to find consistency in all aspects of their game but that’s to be expected as this is more of a developmental league filled with underdeveloped raw talent. Don’t get me wrong these guys are definitely elite but they have a lot of growth to make.

What will week five bring us? Will the Stallions continue to dominate? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.