The CFL Officially Cancels Its Season: What This Means for the XFL

2021 CFL National Draft Set to Take Place May 4th

Ever since the news dropped that the CFL was exploring opportunities for alignment with the XFL, there’s been a lot of new eyes on the product. Fans missing the XFL product this year and waiting patiently for 2022 have been keeping tabs on our neighbors up-north.

The CFL is targeting a 2021 return, but the date is still negotiable. At the moment, the league has proposed an on-time start for the season, but includes a 20% pay cut if there’s no fans in attendance. It’s hard to say where we’ll be with COVID by the time the league kicks-off, but it seems like talks are at least working towards something this year.

A huge indicator of that came just earlier today. The CFL officially announced the date and time for this years draft… and if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re going to love this. The event kicks off 7pm EST on May 4th.

The first two hours of the Draft will be broadcast on TSN and the rest can be followed along live on’s Draft Tracker.

You know we’ll be following this even closely, and if you’re lucky… we may even have a livestream. With the XFL up in the air until at least 2022, and the two leagues talking; it seems like a no-brainer to keep to get accustomed to the nuances.

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