RUMOR: XFL Negotiating Video Game Deal

RUMOR: XFL Negotiating Video Game Deal

Since the XFL was announced fans have been asking and hoping for the league to create a video game. A lot of fans started reminiscing about the days of NFL2K and are hoping for 2k to return to the football market with the XFL.

Well, according to Sports Gamers Online the XFL is currently deep in negotiations to bring the league to the next generation of consoles in either 2021 or 2022. Due to the nature of the talks, nothing specific was said about the company other than it was an “experienced developer.”

The game would come to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, in addition to the current-gen systems. SGO also stats that part of the discussion centers on whether to make it a next-gen only game.

As far as the timeline of release, the option for 2021 is there, but it would be a late fall launch rather than anything near the beginning of the XFL’s second year. It’s more likely that the game would launch in Q1 2022 around the start of what would be the league’s third season, which also happens to be a less crowded time period for game releases.

If true, this is definitely exciting news. As for the XFL, we fully expect the league to stick around a lot longer than the original iteration and much longer than the AAF. We’ll keep you posted as more developes around this topic.