An Early Look at How the USFL Schedule is Taking Shape

USFL Updates Rules Ahead of Week 5

We’re nearly halfway through the inaugural USFL season, and we’ve already seen the league make a few tweaks. This week is no different.

During the Panthers last matchup, Coach Fisher was denied a timeout to adjust his special teams unit from a 1-point to a 2-point attempt. Naturally, the officials denied his request.

This didn’t stop Coach Fisher from giving his thoughts to Mike Pereira, and it ultimately ended up with a new rule change in his favor.

This weekend coaches will now be able to use a timeout to chance their original extra point options.

Additionally, if the defense fouls before the ball is snapped, the scoring team will be allowed to change their option and have the penalty yardage enforced from that spot.

The USFL is not only listening to the fans, but the coaches as well. We like this new teak, and hopefully it leads to more points on the boards.

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