USFL Opens Shop — Potentially Reveals 4 Team Names

USFL Potentially Reveals 4 Team Names with Debut of Online Shop

During the latest TSL season, it was revealed that the United States Football League (USFL) would be returning in 2022 on FOX.

More recently, we learned that the league is working with the city of Birmingham to be a potential host venue for its first season. The league is in talks with BHM/BJCC to play all of the leagues 2022 games in Birmingham, AL. According to the report, most of the games would be held at Protective Stadium, with the remaining played at Legion Field.

We also found that the league (which is partially owned by FOX), is looking to spit it’s season across FOX, FS1, NBC and USA. One thing that we still don’t have a true answer on is the team identities. Well, we may be a little closer to knowing some of them.

Yesterday the USFL updated its website, which now displays a link to their new online shop. While looking through the initial merchandise offerings, we see what could be the first four franchises in the new USFL.

Again, the reiterate, there is no confirmation that these teams will play in the USFL. But… it seems more likely with these teams being represented on the shop. All of these teams are listed in the USFL trademarks the league filed earlier this year, but there’s plenty more where those came from.

It’s expected that the USFL will kickoff with eight teams next year, which leaves four more to be discovered. If this turns out to be correct, then these could in fact be the USFL’s east coast division. We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out.

There’s plenty of other merchandise on the new USFL shop, including shirts, hoodies and hats. Give it a glance, and who knows maybe they’ll load some more team merchandise on the shop in the near future.