USFL Head Coach Skip Holtz Championship Trophy Birmingham Stallions

USFL Champion Skip Holtz Top Candidate For UAB Coaching Vacancy

The world of spring football continues to throw plot twists at its fans. In an interesting turn of events, USFL head coach Skip Holtz is being targeted as a candidate by the UAB Blazers for their opening at the HC position.

Obviously, this is a big deal. Holtz just brought the Birmingham Stallions to the USFL’s inaugural Championship. Skip played a central role in leading Birmingham to a 9-1 record, and a Championship trophy.

According to The Football Scoop, Holtz is being heavily considered by UAB as a top coaching prospect:

In fact, multiple sources tell FootballScoop that USFL head coach Skip Holtz, leader of the Birmingham Stallions, has emerged as a central target in the Blazers’ search for their next head coach. However, other candidates and factors are still being considered.

At this point, nothing has been confirmed. Holtz might not even have any desire to coach at UAB. The details are still unknown. With this in mind, it would be quite the curveball for the USFL if this story develops further.

The UAB Blazers play at Protective Stadium. Since Skip just brought the city a Championship with the Stallions, his prominence in Birmingham has grown. If he decided to jump ship, that would leave the USFL with a huge hole to fill.

Where Does Skip Holtz Stand?

However, Charlotte also pursued Skip in the offseason, and he declined. Holtz is pleased with his current USFL position:

I don’t know, never say never…The good Lord looks after stupid people, so I figure I’m on top of the list. I don’t know what the future holds, you know what I mean, and where it is going. Right now, I’m enjoying the opportunity we have in Birmingham and with the Stallions. I’m looking forward to working with these players. I’m looking forward to putting it together. We’ll kind of cross those bridges as they come. Right now, I’ve really enjoyed this. It’s flattering to have your name mentioned, but, at the same time, I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve done (with the Stallions).

Hopefully, Skip Holtz decides to run it back with the Birmingham Stallions. He captured the attention of spring football fans across the country in 2022, and is building something special in the USFL. It’s clear that the players treat him with a lot of respect.

FOX would do themselves a favor by ensuring he stays with the league. Skip has been – and will continue to be – a great thing for the USFL.

What do you think of Skip Holtz potentially heading to UAB? Should the USFL do what they can to keep him? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!