USFL Announces Major Draft Implications Concerning Panthers vs Maulers

USFL Announces Major Draft Implications Concerning Michigan vs. Pittsburgh

The USFL might have just created one of the most interesting innovations that we’ve seen in a sports league. The Michigan Panthers and the Pittsburgh Maulers face off this weekend, both sitting at 1-8 in the North Division.

Normally, the loser of that game would end up with the first pick in the 2023 draft, similar to what the NFL and other leagues would do.

However, the USFL has other plans. Daryl Johnston just announced that the winner, not the loser, of this week ten matchup will earn the first pick in the USFL’s 2023 draft.

Not only that, but the victor will also have the first pick in every round of the draft. This means that these teams have a lot to play for on Sunday, and they will be motivated to win instead of throwing the game away for a draft pick. In a way, this game will serve as the “Tank Bowl” for the USFL, making week ten more interesting in the grand scheme of things.

When these two teams faced off back in week three, Michigan won 24-0 in a blowout victory. It was their only win of the year. Meanwhile, Pittsburgh beat Houston in week five, but haven’t won a game since.

Draft In 2023?

While we were assuming that a draft would be held at some point in 2023 for the USFL, this now confirms it. We don’t know exactly when it will take place, but the USFL certainly plans on holding a draft for each team next season. This is exciting news for fans, and for the league as a whole.

Considering many football enthusiasts have wanted the NFL to do something similar, it is wonderful to see the USFL being innovative on the fly, and using this unique situation to bring more entertainment to the viewers.

Sunday’s game will kick off at 12pm EST, on USA Network. It will be the first game of its kind: the winner receives the first pick in every round. This should be fun.

Will you be watching Michigan vs. Pittsburgh on Sunday? What do you think of the USFL implementing this innovation in the final week? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!