TSL CEO Brian Woods Teases Major Announcement in Upcoming Weeks

TSL CEO Brian Woods Teases Major Announcement in Upcoming Weeks

The Spring League wrapped up it’s first week of the 2021 season this past Saturday when the Generals beat-out the Jousters. Prior to kickoff, The Spring League CEO Brian Woods join Dave Griffith of FOX 59 Indianapolis to talk about the upcoming season.

The two spoke about the opportunities that The Spring League looks top provide for football players that are out of the college program, but not quite ready for the NFL.

We are filling a very critical void,” explains league Founder and CEO Brian Woods, “that middle ground between college and the NFL where players still need time to develop. They need extra repetitions, they need to remain relevant.”

Looking to the future though, it seems like Woods has some big plans for The Spring League.

Obviously it’s no mystery that an official relationship with the National Football League at some point would definitely bode well for us long term.”

Shorter term, it seems like there may be some big news coming. During his sit-down talk, Woods teased that there was some big planning going on in the background with FOX. More specifically, we should have an announcement in the upcoming weeks in terms of the future of the league.

We have bigger plans behind the scenes right now with FOX, that we’ll be announcing in the upcoming weeks… in terms of 2022 and beyond.”

The Spring League first debuted on FOX Sports in 2020 when the league completed its first bubble season due to Covid-19. Since then, the relationship has grown. Starting this season, every game will be televised and The Spring League will be aired on FOX, FS1 and FS2… instead of just FS1 and FS2. With more news in the works, it looks as if this relationship with FOX could turn out to be a long-term win for the organization.

Some have speculated in the past that TSL is looking to get FOX to buy-in to their product, looking to sell part of the company to the media conglomerate. We’re not so sure if that’s the case, just yet at least. We’ll keep you posted as more information on The Spring League comes out.

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