St. Louis Battlehawks Open Level 400 Ahead Of XFL Home Opener

St. Louis Battlehawks Open Level 400 For XFL 2023 Debut

St. Louis has finally forced the XFL’s hand. Despite opening up the entire 300 level of The Dome to facilitate demand for the St. Louis Battlehawks home opener, fans just won’t stop buying tickets. Now two days before the big game, the XFL decided it was time to open the 400 level to the masses. Tickets are going for a mere $18. 

With the passion St. Louis has poured into the franchise, it simply had to be done. 

The current record for attendance this year belongs to the San Antonio Brahmas, who boasted a crowd of 24,000 fans in Week 1. As of the writing of this article, six sections of the upper deck are now available to fans. If sections continue to open over the next day, we might see a crowd of even double that figure. 

This volume of ticket sales isn’t unprecedented for the Battlehawks, who gave fans the opportunity to fill up the upper deck for 2020’s Week 7 matchup against the Los Angeles Wildcats. With how tickets were selling, a number of 50,000 fans wasn’t out of the question. Though that game would sadly never see the light of day due to the pandemic, we’ll finally get to experience that near sellout of The Dome we’ve yearned for—a testament to St. Louis’ capacity as a sports city. 

XFL Week Four Matchup

The Battlehawks’ unfortunate guests for Week 4 will be the Arlington Renegades (2-1), coming off a tight victory against the Orlando Guardians. The Battlehawks (2-1), on the other hand, are looking to get back into the win column after a heartbreaking loss at the hands of the DC Defenders. With the Dome set to be rocking this Sunday, they’ve certainly been set up for success.

What are your thoughts on the St. Louis Battlehawks opening the 400 level for their home opener? Will they set the XFL record? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!