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Ryzer Mindset Selected as the Official Mindset Testing Partner of the XFL

ARLINGTON, TX — January 13, 2023 — The XFL today announced it has selected Ryzer Mindset (“Ryzer”) as its Official Mindset Testing Partner. Ryzer’s reporting and suite of mindset tools will help the XFL prioritize both the mental performance and mental well-being of players while also helping coaches better understand their athletes to optimize training and reach peak performance.

As part of this agreement, all XFL players will take Ryzer Mindset’s proprietary Troutwine Athletic Profile (TAP), an athletic mindset assessment that measures the traits important to achieving athletic success. Upon TAP completion, (i) Players receive reporting that analyzes their mental traits, provides personalized sports psychologist guidance and a development plan to help them reach their full potential; and (ii) Coaches receive reporting that provides tips, techniques, and guidance on how to most effectively coach each player based upon their unique mindset. The TAP was predictively validated by the US Navy SEALs and has been in use continually in the NFL® since 1984 to aid teams in scouting prospective players’ mental makeup.

“I’m thrilled to work with Ryzer to gain the best understanding of each of our players and what their path to success looks like. Holistic player development, a cornerstone of our League, means giving the mental aspect of the game the attention it deserves and enhancing the tools and guidelines we use to elevate our players. Ryzer is an important partner in helping us accomplish our player development goals for both the football operations and health and safety teams,” said Doug Whaley, XFL Senior Vice President, Player Personnel.

“I am ecstatic about this partnership with the XFL.  In my 4 decades of working with teams in more than 10 pro leagues, it is the first time a league has prioritized player well-being above all else. I look forward to helping the players and coaches make full use of our mindset system to their betterment,” said Dr. Robert Troutwine, Ryzer Mindset co-founder and creator of the TAP assessment.

The XFL is taking a holistic approach to player development – highlighting the importance of both physical and mental well-being – which drives its health and safety program and enables players to be the best version of themselves. The XFL’s focus on education and emphasis on technique allows players to boost performance and prevent them from getting injured. By also leveraging the power of innovative data and technology, through the partnerships such as Ryzer and BreakAway, the XFL has the tools to maximize player buy-in, efficiency and results.

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About Ryzer Mindset & the TAP

Ryzer Mindset offers the leading online system for helping athletes and teams succeed mentally at every level.  Utilizing the Troutwine Athletic Profile (the TAP) — a profiling instrument with a long record of success with teams in the more than 10 professional sports leagues — Ryzer Mindset provides a comprehensive understanding of athletes’ mental makeup to aid with their coaching and development.  Ryzer Mindset is a majority-owned subsidiary of Ryzer.  You can learn more about Ryzer Mindset at