More USFL Teams That Could Return Based on Registered Trademarks

More USFL Teams That Could Return Based on Registered Trademarks

Last week reported on the USFL trademarks that were registered and active, to see if that could give us a hint at which teams we may see return next year. Additionally, it may also help us figure where the teams may be located as well.

Since we originally touched on the subject, the number of trademarks has jumped to 98 in total. Some are new teams, and others are variations on the existing trademarks we already saw.

  • Austin Outlaws
  • Austin Gamblers
  • Austin Renegades
  • Austin Wranglers
  • Austin Stallions
  • Arizona Outlaws
  • Birmingham Stallions
  • Boston Breakers
  • Jacksonville Bulls
  • Orlando Renegades
  • Portland Breakers
  • San Antonio Gunslingers
  • Washington Federals

If I were a gabling man, I would have to say that the league may be interested in Austin, TX. We also had the league register some base identities with no cities associated. All of which existed in the USFL’s original run.

  • Bandits
  • Breakers
  • Bulls
  • Blitz
  • Express
  • Federals

Again, this does not mean that any of these teams are guaranteed to return. But, we can assume that some will make it to the USFL next year with the league targeting a minimum of eight teams to start.

The trademarks above are in addition to those that we reported on last week.

  • Arizona Wranglers
  • Baltimore Stars
  • Chicago Blitz
  • Dallas Stallions
  • Denver Gold
  • Houston Gamblers
  • Los Angeles Express
  • Memphis Showboats
  • Michigan Panthers
  • New Orleans Breakers
  • New Jersey Generals
  • Oklahoma Outlaws
  • Philadelphia Stars
  • Pittsburgh Maulers
  • Saint Louis Invaders
  • Tampa Bay Bandits

There’s still no official word on what will happen to The Spring League when the USFL returns next year, but it seems likely that they will go back to running as a camp. Ultimately, it puts the new USFL is in a great position to hit the field with an official development league in place.

Do you plan on watching the USFL when it returns next spring? Which teams would you like to see make a come back? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.

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  1. The Spring League & USFL 2022 are one and the same, that’s why they’ll be able to hit the ground running all the Spring league is doing is renaming themself and teams into the USFL and that’s what I wanted from the XFL and now its actually happening. I personally hope the XFL joins the USFL and start bigger in 2022 it’ll be a better fit than merging with the CFL. I’m going to list the USFL teams that would fit into modern style

    -Still look Modern today

    -Look outdated

  2. Personally, being from Philadelphia, I would love to see the Philadelphia Stars return. Back in the day, they were the only team to make it to all three championship finals, winning two of them (2 as Philadelphia, 1 as Baltimore). It would be nice to see additional football in the city of Brotherly Love. Plus, no snowballs to throw at Santa.

  3. I’m a football fanatic and I’ve got to have it year around . Thank to all leagues for giving me football year around. Let’s go GOLD!

  4. Love this news. Austin, Birmingham, San Antonio, Orlando ,Denver and perhaps Oakland make sense as cities.

  5. Would love Birmingham to return in 2022 and retain their Stallions name. They would be perfect to play in Birmingham’s new Progressive Stadium, capacity: 47,200.

  6. If you remember, the USFL was a competitive league that the court system absolutely won the civil action against the NFL. The judgement in the monopoly charge was the NFL had created went against the defendant, the NFL, and they had to play $3.00 to the USFL. In my opinion, this was the biggest miscarriage of justice in the history of the American Court System. It as good to see the league, the USFL, back. Been way to long.

  7. I would love to see the xfl and USFL both play the same year xfl in February after the Superbowl and the USFL in April like they doing this year go Los Angeles Express from the USFL and go Los Angeles Extreme from the XFL🏈

  8. I don’t know why Milwaukee keeps getting passed up, if anyone knows football, they would know Milwaukee is dying of thirst for football. Remember The Packers had to play half there home games in Milwaukee due to HIGH DEMAND. Until someone pulled the plug (for reasons unknown) the Milwaukee Mustang did very well until the indoor football league started to fold. CFL has been thinking bout coming to Milwaukee but hasn’t pulled the plug, Fans begged Vince MCMAHON to put an xfl team there but we were ignored. And usfl hasn’t even looked our way I think because they can’t see us between Minneapolis chicago Detroit and Indianapolis hype. HELLO FOOTBALL LEAGUES WE ARE MILWAUKEE WI WE ARE HUNGARY FOR FOOTBALL. Plus let me put Alittle sugar on this deal, besides Milwaukee Market there’s another bigger city to the west of us who shares borders called Waukesha, to the south you got Racine and Kenosha as well so between 1 major city, 1 upcoming major city. And 2 smaller towns I think you fan base will be very profitable. CAN YOU HEAR MILWAUKEE SCREEMING NOW???

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