FOX Exec Hints That USFL Promos Will Air During 'Clash at the Coliseum'

FOX Debuts New USFL Promo During NASCAR ‘Clash at the Coliseum’

Last week FOX debuted the first 30-second promo for the USFL during the NFL’s NFC Championship. Until then, we’ve only seen shorter ads for the league, but FOX is capitalizing on the extra viewership. It was a wise bet, as the matchup between the Rams and 49ers brought in over 50 million viewers.

After the new promo was revealed, a FOX exec hinted that we may see a new one during NASCAR ‘Clash at the Coliseum’. In the lead-up to the big race the network showed a rotation of promos for the league, including the latest ‘restaurant’ promo.

In the last commercial break before the race officially started, FOX gave us what we were all hoping to see; a brand new 30-second USFL promo.

The latest promo for the league once again uses daydreaming as a premise to introduce the league to potential fans. This time, it shows a group of guys stuck in construction traffic, as the driver is waiting he starts thinking about something much more fun; football.

First, we see the traffic coordinator transform into a referee, then some construction workers on the side of the street transition to coach and QB discussing a play on the sidelines. In that scene, we get a nice shot at some New Jersey Generals gear, including the teams uniform.

With last weeks promo we got a look at the Houston Gamblers uniform, so it’s nice to see that trend continue.

Ending things off we see the messages on the traffic signs update to ‘Defense Defense’, with the crowd noises to match in the background.

Overall, I’d say this latest promo is among their best. It’s great to see the network expand their marketing efforts outside of football. That being said, we’re hoping to see a USFL promo next week during the leagues others broadcast partner; NBC. Considering that we saw the AAF and XFL get spots during the Super Bowl, we think we’ll see the same with the USFL.

Last week on The USFL Podcast the gang discussed the latest USFL promo and the possibility that we may see a new one this during the big NASCAR event. Definitely worth a watch if you’re interested in the upcoming USFL season.

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