Doug Flutie's Maximum Football Cancelled — Studio Shuts Down

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football Cancelled — Studio Shuts Down

There’s one less football video game on the market. The company behind Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football, Canuck Play, has announced that they have ceased operations. Which, naturally, has led to the cancellation of the next revision of the franchise.

Founder David Winter released a statement earlier explaining the decision.

Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted, but felt it was time to let everyone know what was going on with Canuck Play and Maximum Football.

As of this time, and as many have guessed, development of the title has been suspended and the company itself has been put on hiatus.

The reasons for this are many; not the least being the month I spent in the hospital after working seven days a week for months on end. The ability for a small team to keep up development of such a large and complex title, combined with the never-ending changes in technology in the game industry, just make continuing untenable. Add to that the other larger studios invading our space and in made little sense to continue.

The studio itself has ceased operations and the IP (game code, etc…) is being offered for sale.

From a personal perspective, I’m extremely proud of what I accomplished with the title, with the help of others along the way, including the staff that was on-site until Ontario’s lockdowns impacted people’s ability to get in the office.

For myself, I’m leaving the game industry behind to begin a new career. At age 51, I’m going back to school and will be attending an aerospace college just outside Toronto.

I would like to thank everyone that supported the game and our efforts over the years.


As you may recall, shortly after the XFL was forced into Bankruptcy in 2020, screenshots leaked of Maximum Football with XFL rosters. Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football was also the home to CFL video gaming. The game definitely needed more work, but each iteration the team was cleaning up more and more. It’s unfortunate to see the project come to a close like this.

Back in September, Zach of the Gridiron Gallery Podcast caught up with Dave Winter to talk about how the game came to fruition. They also touched on the XFL approaching him about adding their franchises to the game. You can check the full episode out down below.

Did you play Maximum Football when it was available? If so, did you enjoy it? Let us know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.