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Breaking Down USFL TV Ratings From Week Eight

Week eight in the USFL has come and gone, bringing fans plenty of excitement. The TV Ratings have arrived after a weekend full of fast-paced football, so let’s take a look at how the league fared this time around.

USFL TV Ratings From Week Eight

Pittsburgh Maulers vs. Houston Gamblers (USA): 228,000
Birmingham Stallions vs. Philadelphia Stars (NBC): 747,000
New Jersey Generals vs. Memphis Showboats (FOX): 720,000
New Orleans Breakers vs. Michigan Panthers (FOX): 774,000

USFL TV Ratings Analysis

As always, it’s a mixed bag. This week, three of the four games were on OTA networks, which certainly helped the numbers look quite a bit better than week seven.

Starting with Saturday afternoon’s outing on USA, the numbers are pretty consistent there. USA Network is almost always in the 200-250k range for the USFL, seeing very little growth. One has to wonder how the channel will be utilized in season three, considering the ratings we’ve seen across two years.

NBC’s numbers are slightly lower than what we’ve come to expect in 2023, but 747k is solid. It seems like Philadelphia doesn’t have much pull at all from a ratings perspective, which makes sense since the team isn’t playing in their home market.

FOX performed quite well, at least by this season’s standards, on Sunday. Their doubleheader kicked off at 1pm with New Jersey vs. Memphis garnering 720,000. Then, at 4pm New Orleans and Michigan dueled in what turned out to be the highest rated game of the weekend, with 774,000.

Throughout the last two years, FOX has always consistently been in the 600-800k range, at least for the most part. It seems like there is a general cap for what FOX, and NBC, can bring in for the USFL on OTA. Clearly, the hub cities (Birmingham, Memphis, Michigan) tend to carry the TV ratings, which isn’t a surprise.

USFL TV Ratings From Week Eight, 2022:

New Jersey Generals vs. Pittsburgh Maulers (USA): 208,000
Birmingham Stallions vs. New Orleans Breakers (FOX): 625,000
Philadelphia Stars vs. Michigan Panthers (FOX): 773,000
Houston Gamblers vs. Tampa Bay Bandits: Peacock, N/A

Once again, the comparisons are quite strong. USA and FOX have both been in the same ballpark in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Across the board, there is plenty of consistency from the USFL’s TV Ratings. Whether that regularity is what FOX & NBC want to see long-term, remains to be seen. The numbers are respectable, but there is certainly a lot of room for growth, especially as more markets are introduced to the league.

When it comes to the football itself, the product on the field has been highly entertaining. Ten straight games have been decided by one score. In addition, all eight teams are still eligible for playoff contention, so the competition will be as fierce as ever down the stretch.

What are your thoughts on the USFL TV Ratings from week eight? Which games did you watch this weekend? Let us know down in the comments below, or join the conversation on Discord!

  1. Hi,
    The games are very entertaining. The level of play is excellent. The
    franchises are great. The uniforms are terrific. Everything is done really , really well.
    But the TV ratings will not rise considerably until the teams are placed in their home stadiums.
    It’s as simple as that.
    The league also needs to expand. A four team western division needs to be created..
    Also, a hotbed of football, Florida needs to be added. Welcome back the Tampa Bay Bandits
    and the Jacksonville Bulls.
    All this can be done by season three; season four at the latest. If the league makes these moves, I feel very strongly the TV ratings will jump very high. This is a great league.
    Just needs to develop more. But all the foundations necessary for the league to succeed are
    there. Season three is the key.

  2. The league would increase media and press coverage in the largest local markets, if they played locally. This would increase TV viewership in those markets. Birm and Memphis are ver small compared to NJ, Philly and Houston and even Detroit.
    They play in these stadiums to reduce travel costs and other costs. Understandable. But if they move to 2/3 of the largest markets in 2024, it should boost TV viewership.
    Having said that – viewership is holding and this was a solid week.

  3. Agree with bringing back the Bandits, but Jacksonville Bulls? Considering Jacksonville cannot sellout many of their NFL games, doesn’t bode well for the Bulls. Better to go with the Orlando Renegades instead and create a rivalry with the Bandits, then again can two teams located so close work?
    As for the Western division, would be great to have the Denver Gold, Arizona Wranglers, Oklahoma Outlaws and a new San Diego team.

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