Blue Bombers Defeat Tiger-Cats in Overtime to Win 108th CFL Grey Cup

Blue Bombers Defeat Tiger-Cats in Overtime to Win 108th CFL Grey Cup

After missing all of 2020 and seeing a delay in 2021, we’ve finally made it to the 108th CFL Grey Cup. Last weekend the conference finals took place to determine who would stamp their ticket to Tim Horton Field in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The first matchup of the afternoon saw the Hamilton Tiger-Cats fight back to take out the Toronto Argonauts. After the game tensions flared between Argos players and TiCats fans. A video shows Argos players and personnel mixing it up with fans after one allegedly spit beer in a players face. This incident has led the Argonauts toΒ suspend John Murphy, VP of Player Personnel for getting involved.

Regardless of what took place after the game, with a win the Tiger-Cats cemented home field advantage for the championship.

The late game had the Winnipeg Blue Bombers edging out the Saskatchewan Rough Riders to secure their spot.

With the match up set and all of the Grey Cup week events in the book, we’re finally going to see who can come out on top in a rematch from the 107th Grey Cup.

Winnipeg called heads, won the toss and deferred the call; where the Tiger-Cats decided to receive the ball to start out the matchup.

Dane Evans came in as QB for the TiCats to start the game, hoping to get some quick points on the board. Unfortunately, after going two and out, all they achieved was a quick punt.

Zach Callaros would now take the ball for the first time, commanding the Blue Bomber offense in hopes of winning their second straight Grey Cup. Luckily for Hamilton, Winnipeg found the same fate, ultimately giving up the ball quick; giving them another chance on offense.

On the return, the TiCats defense came out strong and forced a turnover. Not only did they regain possession, but they also had great field position.

The Bombers defense clearly didn’t want to be out shined, and they proved securing an interception on the very next play.

With Callaros back in control, and in manageable field position, he was able to bring them into field goal range. Sergio Castillo came into the game and did what he does best, kick the ball between the uprights. The Tiger-Cats struck first, but only held a slim 3-0 lead over the Bombers with plenty of time to go.

Hamilton now had another chance with the ball, but their luck hadn’t changed just yet. They were pushed back to 3rd & 26 forcing them to kick it back to the Bombers who were looking to add to their lead.

They couldn’t add a full three, but added another point off a rouge kick.

We continued to see a game of back and fourth, but there was still plenty of game left to be played.

Winnipeg got lucky off a botched punt from Hamilton, giving them great field position, and a chance to add to their lead.

Collaros was putting it all out on this drive, moving the chains with a solid throw to his receiver to end out the 1st quarter. Although, when things seemed to be going well, with Callaros within the 20 he was pushed back forcing them to attempt yet another field goal.

Sergio Castillo once again came in clutch for his team, once again knocking in the field goal to give the Bombers a 7-0 lead.

With Hamilton back in control, this will be the first time of the game that they will have the wind to their backs. Essentially giving them a better chance to add points in field goal position.

The game continued going back and fourth, but came to a screeching halt after TiCats quarterback Dane Evans went down what seemed to be an injury to the neck. The injury was sufficient enough to force a commercial break, but ultimately came back with him walking off the field.

Jerimiah Masoli would now come in at QB for the team, hoping to get the team back in their groove. With him now behind the ball, the team started to move the ball a little better, bringing them the closest they’ve been to the end zone all night. Although they couldn’t add a touchdown, they were able to secure their first points.

After a short field goal, they trailed 7-3 with a little over 2 minutes left in the half.

The Bombers got the ball again, but they quickly gave it back away. With Masoli back behind the ball, he was out to get more points. After moving the ball well, he was able to get the TiCats their first touchdown of the night, and their first lead. With the extra-point good, they were now leading by three.

With the first half complete, the Tiger-Cats will get the ball and a chance to extend the lead. It went as fast as it came, as they punted the ball after a quick two and out.

Callaros and the Blue Bombers now had a chance to retake the lead they held for most of the matchup so far.

After moving the sticks once, Callaros went long and found his receiver to put them in great scoring position for the first time in a long time. He seemed to be on a roll, he once again grabbed another first down, this time on a 34-yard pass putting them within 5-yards of a touchdown. They couldn’t get in the end-zone, but Sergio Castillo once again got the job done.

After successfully knocking in the 15-yard field goal attempt, the game was now tied 10-10.

After a quick set of downs the TiCats punted back to the Blue Bombers. But, it wasn’t long before they regained control. Callaros was intercepted by the TiCats, with Kameron Kelly running long before being taken down. Now, the Tiger-Cats were in a perfect position to retake their lead.

Masoli was definitely in his groove. Ending out the drive he found Brandon Banks who was able to get into the end zone. The extra-point put them up by 7 late in the 3rd.

There was plenty of time to go, but the Blue Bombers knew they didn’t want to get too far behind. Unfortunately, Callaros threw another interception, giving the Tiger-Cats a change to build upon their lead.

The possession didn’t last long, but they were able to punt the ball deep, giving the TiCats defense a good chance to hold the Bombers far from the end-zone. That’s exactly what they did. With the Bombers against their backs, the Tiger-Cats pushed them back and forced a safety, giving them two more points on the board.

Now, with the ball again Masoli was slinging the ball for his team and making it look easy. He once gain brought his team in prime scoring position, hoping to grab some more points to bring them closer to ending the 22-year championship streak.

They couldn’t grab another touchdown, but they did get three more after a successful field goal. They know had a solid 12 point lead with time running out in the matchup.

Callaros knew that time was running out, and played like the game as on the line. He was moving the ball well, and when near the end-zone he went for it. Unfortunately, the pass was no-good and they drew a foul. But, they did chisel away at the lead with a successful field goal from Castillo.

With time running low the Blue Bombers went full Blue Bombers. Callors moved the ball well, probably the best of the game. When in position, he found Demski for the touchdown. The coach knowing that time was sparse, opted for the two-point conversion and it went exactly how he wanted it to.

With a little over 5 minutes left, they were now within one.

Hamilton couldn’t do much on their next driving, ultimately being forced to punt. Due to the wind, the kick went short and the Bombers got the ball around mid-field. With this possession, they had a chance to regain the lead and leave Hamilton with little time to fight back.

You could see the determination in the Bombers on this drive. They couldn’t get a touchdown, but Castillo was once again the player of the game knocking in a 44-yard field goal to give the Bombers the lead.

Masoli had the ball again, and a chance to prove his reputation. He moved the ball great, he brought his team close, but they ultimately had to settle for a field goal. Luckily, time was running out, and with the kick good they tied the game forcing it into overtime.

This is such a perfect way to end this season. Not only do we have a rematch of the 107th Grey Cup, fans have had to wait over two years to see another one. This also marks only the fourth time in Grey Cup history that the game has gone into overtime.

Hamilton won the coin flip, deferring to Winnipeg, but they went with the direction of the wind. If it comes down to a kick, this could be the decision that wins the game. But, if both teams are tied after the OT mini-games they switch directions, so they better make it count.

The Bombers came out, and Calloros went hard. He moved the ball down the field, and eventually scored to give them the lead. In OT teams are forced to go for two, which they brought home, giving them a 33-25 lead.

Hamilton had one last chance to bring it home, but the drive ended with an interception. This gave the Blue Bombers the win and back to back Grey Cup victories.

With the 108th CFL Grey Cup now in the books, we look forward to 2022. After missing a full season it’s nice to see the fans come out and sellout Tim Horton field for the big event. Not only did the event sellout, they also broke an attendance record with 26,324 fans showing up for the rematch.

With this win, the Tiger-Cats were unable to get revenge for their loss against the Blue Bombers in the last Grey Cup, and the 22-year championship-less streak continues.

What did you think of the game tonight? Did you predict the Blue Bombers would come out on top? Let is know down in the comments below or join the conversation on Discord.