Chrishon Frazier One-On-One

XFL Player Profile & One-On-One: LB Chrishon Frazier

With the XFL’s 2023 season fast approaching, there are plenty of free agents who are ready to prove themselves on the gridiron. One of those is Chrishon Frazier, a linebacker out of Texas Southern. He’s been working towards a professional football career for quite a while, and now awaits an opportunity with the XFL.

We were able to catch up with Frazier this week, to learn more about his past – and what lies ahead.

High School & College Career

In high school, Chrishon settled into his linebacker role quite efficiently. He attended Orlando Christian Prep, and had a very successful career there. At 15, he had D1 offers coming his way. Frazier went on to two state titles with the school, and impressed many with his talent and passion for the game.

Disappointingly for Frazier, those D1 offers fell through due to issues with his grades. This led him to JUCO, where he played in California. Despite having to deal with less than ideal circumstances, Chrishon played quite well. He earned All American Honors, and First Team All Conference Awards over his two years there.

This led to some multiple D1 offers. Frazier eventually settled down at Texas Southern, finishing his college career with an excellent season. He racked up five sacks, and played fantastic football.

Professional Career

This led to Frazier playing some indoor football. He was a standout with the Wyoming Mustangs, dominating the first season with the team.

Chrishon was supposed to play in the MLFB this upcoming season – but unfortunately, as we all know by now, things didn’t work out as planned. Now, Frazier sets his sights on playing in the XFL, looking to make an impact come February.

Full Interview

Thanks for joining me today, Chrishon. It’s always a pleasure to talk football with athletes like yourself. What was the stepping stone for you to start your football journey?

A: “What really got me into playing football is my uncles. They both played in college. Seeing them involved in football, and making it to the NFL – my cousin, Chris Hayes, played for a couple of years there. That really just inspired me as a kid. Growing up, and seeing that, it makes me want to be just as great as them.

Where did you play high school football?

A: “I played at Orlando Christian Prep High School.

How was that experience for you, and when did you feel as if you settled into that linebacker role?

A: “I settled into that linebacker role probably in my sophomore year. That was when I earned my first scholarship, to Lafayette College. It’s like an ivy league school. So I got a scholarship there to play the linebacker position, and after that happened, it made me want to play that position even more. Getting a D1 scholarship offer at 15, really helped me out mentally and showed me what I was capable of.”

What were some of your main takeaways from your high school years?

A: “I still have some insane friendships and brotherhoods from the time I played there. Those friendships, man, I still have them to this day. High school is one of the best places to play. Going to states two years in a row was a blessing.

What was the process like for you coming out of high school, and ending up in JUCO?

A: “So I had some division one offers in high school, but I lacked the discipline in the classroom to maintain those offers. I wish I would have had someone to tell me to pick up the slack in high school. While it was unfortunate I had to end up going to JUCO college, it did teach me many valuable lessons. It taught me how to be a man, and how to take care of my responsibilities.

How was the overall JUCO experience?

A: “It was a tough experience. There were five dudes in one bedroom. It was crazy, and it was in California. I know some dudes from my team, and from others who were literally sleeping in stadiums, sleeping under stadiums. I didn’t experience that, but I had to sleep in my car for a few days and stuff like that. It was tough doing all of this, while juggling getting good grades. Trying to practice, eat a few meals a day, study, maintain a job – but I figured it out, got my grades right, and had a good couple of seasons. I was able to get All-American honors, and First-Team Conference both years. I had five sacks in my sophomore year. That helped me earn some looks from division one and two colleges.

You finish your college career at Texas Southern. How did that go for you?

A: “It was tough at first. I was playing linebacker, but it was like a hybrid position. They had me as an edge rusher, too. When I was in JUCO, it was strictly outside linebacker. It took a while to get used to it, but I pushed through the adversity and figured it out. I was able to post five sacks in my senior year. I had a pretty good season at Texas Southern. It taught me a lot about being an edge rusher, but now I’m back at linebacker and it feels good to be back at linebacker.

You take some time to play for the Wyoming Mustangs of the Indoor Football League. What was that experience like?

A: “When I got out of college, I needed more film. I didn’t get picked up by the NFL, so for me to get to that next level, whether it’s the USFL, XFL, or NFL – I need film. And, I need film playing linebacker. I know that’s where teams want me to be. I’m a linebacker. Any professional team I’ve talked to, whether it’s the CFL or USFL, they want to see me at linebacker. I was able to play indoor football for a bit, and that helped. In four weeks, I got seven sacks.

It’s great to see so many opportunities for free agents these days, with the XFL and USFL having bright futures. Where do you see yourself over the next couple of years, with those potential openings?

A: “My goal is to potentially get an opportunity with the XFL coming up this year. I want to get to a team and show them that they’re getting a dog, and getting a hard worker. A guy that gets to the football, and gives 100% each play. After that, make it to the big leagues in the NFL.

You’ve been in some tough situations throughout your tenure with football, with the MLFB fiasco for example. In your football career, what are some of the lessons you’ve learned that have shaped you into who you are today?

A: “One of the main lessons I’ve learned is to just keep your head up and move forward. One of my favorite quotes is: ‘clean hearts win’. As a man, you have to keep going. Things happen in life. When those things happen, don’t hang your head. You’ll figure it out. Situations like this happen to every athlete. I’m not the only one this is happening to, and other guys have been in tougher scenarios. I’m just blessed to be where I’m at right now, with an opportunity to play football. I don’t see it as a negative, I see it as a positive. God keeps giving me opportunities to play, and I’m going to use them. The NFL is the ultimate goal, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get there.

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